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Google My Business Optimization and Management

When your franchise or chain locations are lacking local visibility online and especially in Google Maps, or when they are not ranking in the Google 3-Pack, one solution is called for: Google My Business SEO.

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If your business is lacking local visibility in Google Maps or the Google 3-pack, you need Google My Business optimization. This allows you to maximize how often your business shows up in local searches on search engines and Google Maps. Make sure you’re capitalizing on local searches with GMB SEO.

Local Brand Advisor’s experience in GMB provides a proven process, so you can rank quickly and know your investment is working. By utilizing proven strategies, you can increase traffic, better showcase your business information, and take advantage of all Google My Business has to offer.

While we specialize in Google My Business optimization for franchise, multi-location, and regional brands, we have extensive experience in GMB, so we can most likely meet your needs. Allow us to better infuse local content into your business, making your business more appealing to locals who seek brands that can relate to their interests.

Google My Business SEO

If you run a locally-based business, it is important for searchers in your area to be able to find you online. After all, if the public doesn’t know your business exists, how are they supposed to do business with you?

Grab the attention of potential customers with Google My Business SEO. Our team will provide you with the necessary strategies and tactics to increase local relevance, online rankings, visibility, and exposure for your business. We also follow the latest trends and newest features to give our clients the early-mover advantage. This allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and benefit your business’s bottom line.

By tailoring your online information to the local areas you serve, you speak to your local audience and provide the most relevant solutions possible. If you aren’t familiar with GMB and Google Maps marketing, taking advantage of our services can provide you with additional resources you didn’t even know existed!

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Increased Local Visibility

Local Brand Advisor has a team of well-trained, experienced Google Maps SEO experts who optimize your listing to show up in as many relevant searches as possible. We take an integrated approach to local search services, combining Google My Business and other business listing management with local search consulting, local search ads, and local website design. It’s extremely helpful to have an optimized Google My Business (GMB). In addition to increasing visibility in local Google searches, there are many other benefits.

Appear in Google Map Searches
Reviews and customer feedback expand your USPs and help remedy weaknesses in services or products. By addressing reviews, you show your customers the true value of your business and products.
Build Trust with Potential Consumers
Your GMB listing features your ratings and reviews. Showcasing your positive reputation will build trust with local searchers and increase traffic to your business.

Rank in the Google 3-Pack

If you’ve seen the Google search results that include the top three local businesses, that’s the Google 3-Pack. Appearing in this pack allows you to increase visibility and attract more customers.

Increase Leads, Sales & Traffic
When your info appears more often, additional searchers will find out about your company’s services or products. The more consumers that are aware of your business, the more potential leads, sales, and traffic are available.
Capitalize on Free Advertising
Not every business has a huge marketing budget for local paid ads, so taking advantage of free promotional opportunities like GMB can significantly impact your business.
Build Engagement
By showing your business’s info in more places, you naturally increase engagement. There are more chances for potential customers to interact with your business, both online and offline.
Higher Rankings
By having a GMB listing, you are providing additional information to Google. This provides search engines with additional context and information to rank you on.

What GMB SEO Services Entail

Our Google My Business optimization services include multiple features to take your GMB listing to the next level. Our team will strategize the best SEO plan for your business’s specific niche, allowing you to focus on running your business. Below are features included in our GMB services.

Timely Updates & Accurate Info

We ensure timely updates of your listing page, as well as accurate information for potential customers. It is important to provide users with updated, accurate info so they have the best experience possible. If operating hours or contact information is incorrect, this can lead to lost leads or sales.

Review Monitoring

From basic business information to service categories and descriptions, we ensure your business is providing the best-possible information to the public. This strategy capitalizes on local searches to bring in additional revenue for your business.

GMB Listing Relevancy

We will take control of your GMB page to update the latest business information that reflects the current situation. We will also carefully navigate through the several categories and options including the contact information, opening hours, business category and all other relevant sections to ensure that your page gives customers updated information about your products and services.

GMB Post Scheduling

Google Posts are useful for updating customers and engaging them. Our creative team can create tailored posts to announce your latest and forthcoming events, promotions, and more. We keep your customers updated with the latest information including opening hours on holidays and more.

Local Reviews

Consumers are more likely to trust your brand when they have read positive reviews from past consumers who have patronized you. We help you in better managing your reviews, getting you more 4 and 5 star reviews, and ensuring that your business stands out. There is solid evidence that better reviews result in more clicks and calls.

GMB Services

The services tab allows you to introduce to your customers the products and services which you offer. We have a team that can ensure that your business, however unique, fits into a category of its own, whether pre-listed or custom. We also work with keywords related to your business, its products and/or services to ensure that you are found by the right audience.


Our team has extensive experience with Google My Business listings and providing services tailored to local small businesses. Local Brand Advisor’s team has personally managed over 3,000 GMB listings as part of our franchise digital marketing agency, so you can be sure our team will get you the best results possible.

We exceed your business goals by analyzing all aspects of your business to better understand your unique offerings, then apply this to your GMB listing. This all-encompassing strategy allows us to find strengths and weaknesses to build upon with our campaigns. We then utilize consistent posting, content creation, optimization strategies, and data-driven solutions to ensure the largest return on investment.

By investing in GMB SEO, you are increasing your local relevance and visibility within your targeted areas. Invest in your business and start building out your digital presence with our specialized services!

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