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Pay Per Click Ads

Serving localized ads is increasingly important to business success as more and more searches are location-based. We specialize in generating nearby traffic and calls from Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube ads as part of your franchise marketing plan.

Local SEO Consulting

With the majority of consumers searching online prior to purchasing, it’s crucial you appear in local searches. Our proven local SEO strategies improve your online searchability, attract ideal customers with targeted content, and build local relevance in your area.

Google Maps SEO

​To stay ahead of the competition, you must be easily found when consumers are searching for location-based information. Google Maps optimization ensures you are discovered by searchers near your location.

Listing Management

Ensuring quality reviews and accurate information across a variety of business listings maximizes success. Our team manages all listings to optimize information, increase rankings, develop reviews, and highlight positive customer experiences.

Harness the power of the internet with our Franchise Marketing System

The majority of consumers regularly utilize local search, so your multi-location business needs to be present and prominent in the results, across all of your locations. Being front and center allows searchers to easily find your business, increasing brand awareness and traffic to your locations. However, competition continues to grow online, making it difficult to be found without digital marketing expertise for your franchise or chain.

Google prefers localized results but you must properly present the information to search engines. Our expertise pushes your business to the top search results, allowing for easy accessibility when consumers are searching in your area.

Take advantage of our franchise marketing services to grow your chain or franchise to the next level. Every Franchise marketing and visibility plan is based on Chaz Edward SEO and SEM strategies customized exclusively for each location and niche.

Our digital marketing services have helped grow many franchises across the US and Canada. You can read how we helped one regional chain rank #1 on Google and increase their phone calls by 357% in our franchise marketing systems case study. And we can do the same for you, contact us to find out how.

Get More Traffic, Calls, and Customers with a Specialized Franchise Marketing Agency

Our team has managed hundreds of successful campaigns, so we have the necessary local marketing experience to get you results. Our expertise provides proven processes and effective strategies for increasing targeted traffic, leads, search rankings, and online visibility. Maximize your business potential and reap the benefits of inbound marketing with our Franchise Marketing System, including

We work with franchisees, franchisors, and regional brands to leverage local search for increased exposure online, making it easier to do business with you. We specialize in multi-location marketing, including marketing for franchises, regional brands, and chain businesses.

However, our team has experience in a wide variety of industries and niches beyond small business and franchise marketing.

We go above and beyond for your business to ensure meaningful results and measurable, long-term ROI by leveraging the below services.

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Why Choose Local Brand Advisor?

We are thought leaders in multi-location search optimization and local franchise marketing systems.

We have demonstrable, proven success with many chains and franchise clients across the country. Our team has the experience and track record to back up our reputation.

Local Brand Advisor prides itself on going above and beyond to provide the best quality digital marketing services, treating your business like it’s our own. We commit to these core values in every project.


We believe in 100% transparency in all aspects of our business. From detailed analytics reporting to upfront pricing without hidden fees, we promise to be honest and forthright in all we do. We track your progress in real-time to show measurable growth, ROI, and honest results, so you can accurately evaluate our work.
Our team provides authentic feedback and works to properly manage your expectations.


We employ a diverse set of consultants with experience in a variety of disciplines and industries. These varying backgrounds allow us to cater to a wide range of client needs. Our team has extensive experience in additional areas beyond local marketing for franchises, small business marketing, local SEO, Google Maps, business listings, franchise marketing, and local search ads.
This diversity in skill sets allows us to provide even more value to your business.

Integrity & Timeliness

We work around the clock to deliver the best possible results. Our team ensures timely incident management, resolving issues quickly to avoid potential losses or disruption to your business.
Local Brand Advisor is available whenever you need us.


Each client can expect a professional, courteous experience. We respect your time and deadlines, delivering results at agreed upon schedules.


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