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357% More Calls (& Map 3-Pack Rank) in 12 Months for Regional Franchises

February 19, 2021

Every business owner wants more leads, calls, and customers.

Every SEO promises higher rankings and better online visibility that leads to more business. However, not all deliver.

Local Brand Advisor goes above and beyond to deliver results that make an impact to your bottom line. We’re exactly what you need for prominent rankings. See the results we achieved from our proven process and specialized strategies for franchise marketing.

See It to Believe It

Case studies are the best real-world examples of what Local Brand Advisor (LBA) can achieve for franchises and multi-location businesses.

Our strategies helped a multi-location bail agency in Connecticut dominate the local rankings, growing their business from a few locations with little online presence to double digit locations that continue to expand. LBA has worked with this client for well over a year, allowing you to see the quick wins and long term growth we achieved.

After 12 months, they’ve seen explosive success on Google Maps and popular search engines. Phone calls, website traffic, and sales all continue to increase because our client is front and center in local searches, which reaches a much larger audience.

When anyone searches for bail bonds, our client is easily found. They are now one of the most popular bail bonds services in Connecticut. Let us do the same for your business!

357% More Phone Calls

Before we began their campaign, phone calls were coming in sporadically. They needed a steady stream of inquiries to consistently feed the business, so we implemented our specialized strategies to boost their multiple GMB listings.

Now they receive an average of 42 calls each week!

LBA’s local SEO campaign saw a 357% increase in phone calls year over year, as well as increases in driving directions and website visits. You can see improvements in the GMB data below:

Expert Franchise SEO with realresults

Phone calls are the lifeblood of your business. Chances are, many of your sales begin with a phone call. If you want to boost incoming leads and overall business, LBA’s Google My Business optimization is the place to start.

Prominent Local Rankings: 1977% Increase

When people in Connecticut search for “bail bonds”, our client ranks at the top. They are now consistently ranking in the top local organic searches and Google Maps. If a searcher is looking for bail bonds in any area near our clients, their information is easily accessible.

Their Google Maps visibility increased 1977% and the listing visibility in organic searches increased by 481%.

Considering 78% of local searches result in an offline purchase, it’s imperative our clients are easily found online. If searchers don’t see your business information quickly, you’ve already lost. That’s why we focus heavily on local rankings and online visibility.

Their Hartford location ranks in the top 3 for nearly all areas in the GeoGrid. As their listing shows up in more and more searches, our client increases online visibility, brand awareness, phone calls, and driving directions. These high placements also resulted in nearly 400 website visits per week.

CT Bailbonds Geogrid without name or date

Compare the above to the GeoGrid from three months prior and you can see the massive gains…

old bailbonds geogrid without name or date

In addition to their GMB listing skyrocketing in search and maps, their GMB posts also saw massive gains. These serve as an added touchpoint for searchers and increase brand presence online. You can also use GMB posts to build local relevance by highlighting different services and products at different locations.

Local prominence is vital to success online and in-person. We’re experienced in building local relevance and prominence for multi-location businesses, so every franchise location can rank high.

See how you stack up locally with our free local visibility audit!

Rank in Map 3-Pack

In addition to strong local rankings, our client consistently ranks in the Google map pack (3-pack). That’s why their listing visibility from organic searches increased by 481%!

Prominent positioning in the local 3-pack puts their businesses front and center, increasing listing views, website views, phone calls, driving directions, and ultimately sales.

Google’s map pack is the #1 result in 93% of searches, so it’s no surprise this feature impacts your local business heavily. After all, searchers are drawn to the first results they see. Not many want to scroll down the page looking for more info – especially not on small mobile screens.

Maps Will Skyrocket Your Success

Google Maps can make or break your multi-location business.

It’s the top result in nearly every local organic search and 77% of consumers reported using Google Maps when searching locally. Your business has to be prominently shown or you’re missing out on a huge portion of the market. After all, customers can’t visit your business if they don’t know you exist.

Working with Google My Business experts like us can help you…

Increase Purchases

78% of mobile, location-based searches result in offline purchases. By simply showing up prominently in local maps searches, you increase your potential business and brand awareness.

Our client’s sales have skyrocketed since ranking in the map pack.

Beat Your Competitors

Our client is easily discoverable and usually placed above their competition with Google’s map pack. This gives our client a leg up against competitors in the area.

Don’t let your competitors edge you out in the search results. Show up where your customers are searching by investing in Google Maps optimization. LBA conducts competitive analysis to determine who your competitors are, what strategies work for them, and what you need to do to beat them.

If your business isn’t currently ranking in the Google 3-pack, LBA can get you there.

Win High-Value Keywords: 524% Increase

Not only does the bail agency rank well locally, they rank high for indirect queries of searchers looking for services they offer. Their keywords are high-value terms that reach the right searchers in the buying stage. These money terms have higher conversion rates, bringing in more business for our client.

  • Hartford Bail Bonds
  • Bail Bonds Near Me
  • Connecticut Bail Bonds

Our clients are shown for related keywords 524% more than before we began the campaign. This is one of the main reasons they’ve increased business.

Your business must rank for related keywords and broad terms outside of your brand name (indirect queries). These terms bring in customers who may not know about your business, but are searching for services you offer.

Competitive keywords are in reach with Local Brand Advisor’s proven process. While nearly every business in their niche is targeting these competitive, high-value keywords, our specialized strategies put you above the rest.

Build Domain Equity

The results don’t end when your campaign stops. We provide long term value by building domain equity your business can draw on for years to come.

LBA publishes authoritative, niche-relevant content that provides useful information to searchers and optimizes the client’s ranking potential. This evergreen content will continue to serve our clients for years to come with long-term, sustainable traffic.

What Do We Provide?

Consistently bring in more customers and increase online visibility for your franchises by leveraging our proven process. We provide the experience necessary to rank each franchise for the right keywords to bring in more business. In addition to our specialized strategies, the LBA team goes above and beyond to give consistent, personal attention and custom recommendations for each service we offer.

  1. Full Website Optimization & Design
  2. Industry-Relevant Link Building & Management
  3. Comprehensive Local SEO & Google My Business Optimization
  4. Google Maps SEO
  5. Content Creation & Syndication
  6. ADA Compliance Checks

But we don’t just tell you we’ve made improvements, LBA shows you each week…

How Can You Track Progress?

We keep our clients updated every step of the way with weekly reporting and monthly calls.

  1. Weekly Progress Reports (deliverables)
  2. GeoGrids to Easily Show Improvements
  3. Weekly Rankings & Traffic Reports (website visits, keyword rankings & more)
  4. Weekly Local Reports (calls, ask for directions, website visits from GMB listing

This weekly reporting allows you to easily follow along with our progress. You’ll never have to wonder how your SEO is performing!

Boost Your Business with Local Brand Advisor

Learn how we can help your business!

Schedule Your Discovery Call for free

Local Brand Advisor delivers impactful results for franchises across the country that will skyrocket your business. We know how to effectively rank multi-location businesses and franchises, giving you an edge over your competitors. Take advantage of our specialized strategies to beat out your competitors and bring in more business.

If you’re a local franchise owner looking to increase phone calls, foot traffic, and sales for your business, LBA can get you there. Whether you’re struggling to get phone calls or you want to ramp up business, Local Brand Advisor has the tools and the experience that you’ll need to reach business’s goals. From psychologists and mortgage brokers to lawyers and bail bonds agencies, our work positively impacts your bottom line. And with GA4 for local SEO, we can track the performance of your website and online campaigns more accurately, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to further boost your business’s growth and profitability.

Don’t know exactly what you need? Let us audit your site for free to learn exactly what’s working (and not working).

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