As a local business that relies on local prospects or searches, you need to have a good local search engine optimization program that will build and boost your online presence. This is where Local Brand Advisor comes in.

Local Brand Advisor is a dedicated company ready to serve your unique local SEO campaign needs. Owned by Jessie Taylor, local branding and local SEO strategy is our specialty and expertise.

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What We Do
and How We Do It

We do not discriminate what kind of clients we work with. We serve a wide range of local business branding needs whatever the product and services involved. We can help your local business get the best exposure it deserves. Just tell us what affiliate products to write about and we will create content that will give you the exposure you need and generate more income for your business.

We value your business, learn everything about it, and help you take it to where you want to go. You can communicate your campaign intentions and goals to us and we will gladly deliver the results you want.

We have a team of passionate and hardworking people with their individualized proficiency in their own designated task. We have a bunch of different SEO experts and digital marketers that are knowledgeable in any niches they encounter.

We are highly resourceful and versatile and can cater to any brand or business. Our company believes that a good SEO strategy starts with appropriate planning and mapping. We conduct a full assessment of your brand’s potential in your targeted local area first and present you with an organized and carefully planned program that will fit your products or services trend.

Local Brand Advisor believes that there is more to digital marketing than just having a stylish website and a social media page. We deeply delve into all aspects of popular marketing services possible for your brand. We do not just publish your local brand; we use a unique and particular technique in introducing it online with a bang. We strategize because without a strategy it will just be a bland brand.

We have already helped several small and mid-sized local businesses reach new and better prospects. What sets us apart from any local SEO branding is that our focus is on your business and the complete results you want.

Why Pick Us?

    • One-stop shop

We have a developed and proven all-in-one packages and programs you can avail that will surely produce the results you need.

    • Dedicated team

We have a powerful team of experts to work with you or your team. Through our creative ideas and innovations, you can be rest assured that your business will take-off.

    • In-depth reach

We understand the dynamics and culture of local consumers well.

    • Cost effective

With our strategized and optimized campaigns, we guarantee immediate ROI and conversion rates. We deliver cost-effective solutions that maximize your money with our effective web exposure and brand awareness planning.

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Meet Jessie

Jessie began her career in local SEO as a member of the Google Maps team at Web 2.0 Ranker. With Chaz Edward as a mentor, she pushed ahead in Local Maps SEO until she was managing the entire GMB department. After 3 years as GMB Project Manager, managing over 700 Google My Business SEO campaigns, Jessie now enjoys her new profession; Local SEO Consultant. Jessie has published articles on local search for both Web 20 Ranker and Local Client Takeover. Any of her time not spent helping business and agency owners with their local SEO is spent traveling and enjoying life to the fullest with her family.

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