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See Our Ranking Results: Case Studies

Generate more leads and revenue for your business with our optimization process and local marketing framework. You can see improvements in organic rankings, map pack rankings, and overall visibility on the web in our case studies below. 

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Expert Franchise SEO with real results

1977% Increase in Maps Visibility Led to 357% Increase in Phone Calls

We grew this client from one location to multiple locations and increased the number of phone calls by 357% by increasing their visibility on maps by 1977% and organic search by 481%. This growth in visibility resulted in about 400 website visits per week for this company.

Map Pack Domination Increased Phone Calls 6444%

We achieved map pack rankings in the entire GeoGrid of highly competitive markets, like Boston and Dallas, which increased google maps visibility by 746% and organic search visibility by 61%. Rankings #1-3 skyrocketed the visibility of our client and led to 589 phone calls of restoration leads. Higher Google Maps rankings connect your business with searchers looking for services you offer, ultimately increasing lead generation and revenue.

how to rank my restoration company in Google Maps Pack
how to rank my restoration company in Google Maps Pack

Reach Searchers Actively Looking for Your Services

Our client’s sales have skyrocketed since ranking in the map pack. Showing for 524% more indirect queries means our client was able to get in front of astronomically more searchers looking for services they offered. This is one of the main reasons they’ve increased business. 

Searchers are now connected with our client right away, because they are easily discoverable - placed above their competition in Google’s map pack. This gives our client a leg up against competitors in the area.

Increase Clicks & Get More Leads with Less Ad Budget

We drastically increased the clickthrough rate of ads while also decreasing the cost per click, so our client could get more leads without spending more money! Our dedicated PPC team was able to better tailor the keyword strategy and audience targeting for improved ad performance. 

If you’re looking to increase your lead flow and clickthrough rates with better marketing strategies and ad management, we can get more qualified leads for your business. Request your free PPC audit to see opportunities for improvement!

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