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PPC Case Study: How We Reduced CPC by 77% & Increased CTR by 12%

July 19, 2021

When your business’s budget is on the line, you need to be sure your ad buying partner is effectively using every dollar. You can’t afford to waste time and money on bad leads and overpriced calls…
Why waste money when you don’t have to?
Our PPC team has achieved impressive results and proven success in reducing the individual cost per click, as well as implementing a better strategy to find more qualified leads. In this case study, we will walk through the impact we were able to make for a client’s Google Ads campaign in just six weeks. We can achieve similar results for your brand.


Overall Results:

      • Average cost per call decreased by 77% ($45).
      • Average click through rate (CTR) increased by 12%
      • Increase Users & Decrease Bounce Rate – More Qualified Leads


Why Do You Need Ad Management?

Online advertising is not set and forget. While you can set your initial keywords, ad groups, and ads, then not touch the ad campaign again, this isn’t the most effective use of your marketing budget. You could be wasting money in many different ways like:

  • Overpaying for clicks
  • Attracting irrelevant leads – waste of time and money.
  • Targeting the wrong keywords
  • Low click through rates
  • Use the right ad platforms for your brand

Our PPC team can help you avoid these issues. Many paid ad companies strategize the initial ad campaign, but don’t consistently monitor performance to find small tweaks. If the campaign is converting, that’s good enough for them. However, over time there is much more insightful info that can be leveraged to make better, data-driven decisions. This insight can be used to further reduce CPC, optimize KPIs, and tailor your keyword strategy.
Ad management can also ensure you’re using the correct ad platforms. For this campaign, we used Google Ads, but there are many others including Facebook Ads, Local Service Ads, and Bing Ads just to name a few. If you are unfamiliar with PPC, it can be challenging to choose the right ad platform for your campaign. Our ad experts know where your audience is and how best to reach them!

We Constantly Monitor to Fine-Tune the Approach

We fine-tune each ad campaign to maximize every dollar you spend. Using past campaign performance data and our ad experience, we are able optimize your bids, keyword strategy, and more. Even if you have never run an ad campaign, we are educated in industry advertising practices that enable us to run projections. 

Below are some of the highlights of our client’s campaign performance.

Lowered Cost Per Click to $13 from $58

Overpaying for clicks and leads can kill any ad budget. You could run out of funds before you reach qualified leads. Our client was spending an average of $58 per click when we began his initial campaign setup. We worked to reduce CPC with our targeted bid optimization and keyword strategy. These savings enable our client more flexibility.

  1. More efficiently spend his budget – more clicks/calls for the same monthly budget
  2. Reduce irrelevant traffic and increase the number of qualified leads

Flexibility is fantastic in business, especially when it comes to your marketing budget. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees. In six weeks, we were able to reduce the CPC by $45 – a 77% savings that our client was able to put towards additional ad campaigns and more leads. Our client went from spending $348 for 6 clicks to paying $182 for 14 clicks. Because of our strategy and fine tuning, the client was able to nearly cut their ad spend in half while more than doubling their ad clicks. Let us do the same for you! With those ad savings, you can reinvest into more advertising to further increase revenue.

PPC campaign

Increased Average CTR by 12%

While the most important factor is decreasing your cost per click, you also need people to engage with your ads… To improve the CTR, you must consistently monitor your ad campaigns and fine-tune your strategy. This is where PPC management can be helpful. If you do it yourself but aren’t experienced in paid ad strategies, it can be time consuming and costly. You will have to experiment with the different factors that impact the quality score. While CTR can be impacted by many factors, these are some of the top to watch:
  • Ad Copy & Creative
  • Call to Actions
  • Images  & Videos
  • Bids
  • Expected CTR
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Ad Relevance
  • Market Trends
  • Seasonal Demand
When we began the campaign with our client, their average CTR was less than 3%. That’s not terrible, especially considering the average CTR of Google ads is 3.12%. But you can always do better. Especially with an experienced team behind you. After reviewing ad creative and CTAs, we were able to increase the CTR to 14.63% at its peak and maintain double-digit clickthroughs. You can see the progression of CTR as we worked to fine-tune this client’s ad strategy.

More Qualified Leads: Increase Users & Decrease Bounce Rate

Another important aspect of PPC is targeting the right people in the right area. You don’t want to pay for leads that you can’t service. Whether they’re outside your service area or don’t need the services you’re advertising, it wastes valuable resources.  

If they’re outside your service area, you’re paying someone to answer a call that you can’t help. If your ad traffic bounce rate is high, you’re advertising to searchers whose needs don’t match your services – they are visiting your site then immediately going back to the ad results. 

When we took over the campaign, our client had a high bounce rate and lower amount of users. The client was paying for traffic that was bouncing about 80% of the time. The audience was clicking on the ads, but quickly navigating away. It was a waste of money. 

After we reviewed the keywords, ad groups, ads, and location targeting, we were able to dramatically reduce the bounce rate and get the client’s ads in front of the right audience, in the right area, with the right messaging. The ads reached the target audience more effectively and also attracted a higher number of users. 

Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Paid Ad Traffic

Spend Your Ad Budget More Effectively With Us

Whether your ad campaigns are performing poorly or you’re just starting to run ads, our team can achieve similar results for your business. We have experience in a variety of industries and ad platforms. Let us help you determine which ad platforms will be most effective so you don’t waste time or money – it’s valuable!

If you’d like us to review your current campaigns, you can request a PPC audit from our team. Once you provide access to your ads account, our PPC manager will review your current campaign and make recommendations. You can still submit your info if you don’t have any campaigns running yet. We will review what’s working for your competitors and provide projections for clicks and budget. 

Learn more about our Ads Management Service and consider what a more effective strategy can do for your business. Not only can you save money on each click, but you can also reach more customers that are more in line with your target audience. This all adds up to more money for your business (or in your pocket)!

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