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Explosive Franchise Growth [6000% More Calls & 746% More GMB Views]

March 18, 2021
No matter what type of business you run, we’re all after one thing – more calls, leads, and customers. SEO is how you get there. But, it can be tough to navigate a service you’re not familiar with. The promise of higher rankings that lead to more business is what gets you to commit, but most services don’t live up to those promises. You need a partner with reliable results you can count on. We are that partner – but we don’t just tell you, we show you. Our case studies provide real-world examples of how we help businesses just like yours get impactful results that grow their bottom line. Read about the explosive impact we made for our client – a national remediation and restoration service with franchises in saturated markets across the country. What did we achieve for this client?
  • Results in a very saturated niche.
  • Results in very large service areas.
  • Consistent improvement over 6 months.
  • Nationwide growth from Dallas & Houston to Boston & Chicago.

583 Phone Calls in 30 Days

In one month, Local Brand Advisor increased phone calls by 6444% (to 583 calls) and Google My Business listing views by 746% for one location. That’s nearly 20 phone calls every single day. Now consider, if you close only 10% of those leads, you’ve got 58 new restoration projects. With solid strategies like focused content their Dallas location is dominating the local rankings in a large service area. This prominence in a major metro area allows them to generate a massive amount of leads. Just look at their Geogrid below…
how to rank my restoration company in Google Maps Pack

How much would you pay for 500+ phone calls per month? Chances are our marketing system costs less than comparable pay-per-click ads…
If you’re a mold remediation or fire/water damage restoration company, our team is familiar with your industry and what it takes to get to the top. Cut down the learning curve and get the best results by leveraging our extensive experience. We’re here to help you succeed.

Jessie, LBA’s Managing Director, has implemented over 1,000 local SEO campaigns alone, not to mention the rest of our collective experience. We have the know-how to get you where you need to go.

Focused Content is Key

We enable clients to directly address their customers pain points and specific needs by capitalizing on locally-focused content. This builds a connection with the audience, but also creates targeted posts that rank for the specific phrases your audience is searching for.
Meet your customers where they’re already searching for solutions you offer by leveraging optimized, well-written content that hits ‘pain points’ for readers. That’s exactly what we did for this restoration client. When major flooding happened throughout Texas, we quickly created local posts and content to speak to these issues. The local audience knew our client understood their needs. The search engines had highly relevant content to rank for “pipe burst” searches, which boosted our authority and overall relevance. This led to a massive spike in phone calls and overall online visibility. 

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Pivot Quickly with Client Success Managers

We’re able to quickly pivot a client’s content focus because we assign every campaign a dedicated client success manager. The manager will monitor local activity and coordinate content creation as soon as we identify opportunities. Client success managers are constantly:

        • Paying attention to locally relevant topics
        • Creating an amplified posting strategy that chains together our focused content
        • Creating optimized, well-written content to hit ‘pain points’ for readers. In this case, extreme cold in TX causing burst pipes
        • Using local posting and competitor parity based strategies
        • Linking to other authoritative properties
        • Boosting valuable links we already have

That means you don’t have to spend time monitoring your brand – we do it all for you! 

Consistent Results in the Most Challenging Markets

Major metro markets are naturally more challenging. There’s a significantly higher level of competition, all vying for the top position. In saturated industries, similar businesses are also much closer together meaning your local competition is fierce.

That’s why we use focused content in every campaign – to stand out from competitors. With this strategy we rank our clients higher, allowing them to reach a much larger audience and expand their customer base.

The impactful results weren’t a one-time jump. Our strategies continue to achieve consistent growth and expansion. The client’s locations continue to see explosive success in Google Maps, as well as organic searches.

And these results weren’t in just one major metro. We achieve top rankings across the country…

Drive Nationwide Franchise Growth with Us

Our client dominates much more than just Texas markets. From Boca Raton to Boston, we’ve achieved top rankings in major metros across the country. These prominent positions got our client front and center where their potential customers are searching. You can see local rankings and positioning with Geogrid – check out a few examples:

Boston Domination

how to rank my restoration company in Google Maps Pack

Dallas Domination

how to rank my restoration company in Google Maps Pack

Boca Raton

At the end of the day, you care most about getting results, not the strategies that got you there. Consistently bring in more customers and increase online visibility for your franchises by leveraging our proven process.

What Do We Provide?

When you work with Local Brand Advisor you’re accessing decades of SEO & marketing knowledge. We rank your brand for the right keywords to bring in more business and know the strategies necessary to ensure your service areas aren’t competing. Our marketing system provides an all-in-one solution for you to maximize success, including:
  1. Full Website Optimization & Design
  2. Industry-Relevant Link Building & Management
  3. Comprehensive Local SEO & Google My Business Optimization
  4. Google Maps SEO
  5. Content Creation & Syndication
  6. ADA Compliance Checks
But we don’t just tell you we’ve made ranking gains, we show you…

Easily Track Your Progress

We offer multiple avenues to stay updated every step of the way, including a real-time dashboard, weekly reporting, and monthly calls.
  1. Weekly Progress Reports (deliverables)
  2. Geogrids to Easily Visualize Improvements
  3. Weekly Rankings & Traffic Reports (website visits, keyword rankings & more)
  4. Weekly Local Reports (calls, ask for directions, website visits from GMB listing
You can easily follow our progress and never have to wonder how your website and online presence are performing!

Get an Edge Over Your Competitors


Our work will positively impact your bottom line.

Local Brand Advisor delivers meaningful results for franchises across the country that will skyrocket your business. We know how to effectively rank multi-location businesses and franchises, giving you an edge over your competitors. Take advantage of our specialized strategies to beat out your competitors and bring in more business.

If you’re a local franchise owner looking to increase phone calls, foot traffic, and sales for your business, we can get you there. Whether you’re struggling to get phone calls or want to ramp up business, Local Brand Advisor has the tools and the experience you’ll need to reach your goals. 

Don’t know exactly what you need? Let us audit your site for free to learn exactly what’s working (and not working).

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