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Navigating the internet and carving out space for yourself or your business can be a hard task. Combining this with the rigors of running a business can put undue pressure on you. Getting the right marketing strategies without having to rely on trial and error tactics is a surefire way for you to dominate your space online. At Local Brand Advisor, our goal is to take the added pressure off your shoulders by implementing marketing strategies that have been proven effective over the years.

Our Allentown SEO strategies are designed just for you. We understand that your business and goals are different, and we tailor our marketing services to enable you to tap into the benefits of an improved online presence. We aim to put your business right in front of your target audience so that when they search, you are their first point of contact. We do a lot more than this; we aim to drive traffic and convert visitors on your website to paying customers while growing a population of loyal customers for your business.

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At Local Brand Advisor, we aim to push you to become one of those businesses that will expand its customer base, leads, and revenue by being rightly positioned. We combine proven and effective internet marketing strategies, including SEO Allentown, to deliver the result your business needs. Our proven Allentown SEO services set you apart from the competition, push you to rank higher on page 1 of Google searches so that you can enjoy increased website traffic and conversions.

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For many years, local businesses have relied on word-of-mouth advertisements to push their business forward. Traditional businesses rely on offering quality services to customers in hopes that they’ll refer more customers to their business. The tables have turned drastically in the modern-day world, especially as many more consumers rely on the internet to provide suggestions and recommendations for their needs. As a business owner, tapping into this market not only offers you a chance to own a significant portion of willing and ready customers but also improves your chances of making more revenue.

Positioning your business for relevancy in the local business space can be hard. Given the proximity of competitors’ businesses, you need to go the extra mile to push your business to the front of your target audience, where you get seen and heard the most. Local Brand Advisor offers proven local SEO Allentown services that get this done. Our approach to delivering results is simple and personalized. Get started today by exploring the services we offer.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO

SEO services fine-tune your website and digital content to be optimized for local searches in your area.

Google Maps Local SEO

While we specialize in Google My Business optimization for franchise, multi-location, and regional brands, we have extensive experience in GMB, so we can most likely meet your needs.

Expert Franchise SEO with real results

Website and Mobile App Design

Your website serves as the consumer’s initial experience with your business, and they are judging you based on the design of the site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provides companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones

Dominate the SERPs with Our Allentown SEO Services 


Unlike most Allentown SEO companies, our team here at Local Brand Advisor brings years of internet marketing experience to the table. Having scaled many businesses and growing them into multi-location 7-figure revenue businesses, we have found out the strategies that work and those that don’t. We combine our experience with the latest updates in SEO to deliver marketing results for your business.

● Keyword Research

Getting your business the recognition it deserves requires understanding where your audience is, what they are looking for, and how to position your business rightly to be found. Trust our Allentown SEO expert to perform in-depth keyword research that puts you where your clients and customers are looking.

● Competitor Audits

At Local Brand Advisor, we know that your competitors and their strategies need to be studied carefully to beat them to the top. Our Allentown SEO consultant spearheads the competitor audit, analyzing all of their web properties, including websites, content, backlinks, and more, to understand the areas where they are better and optimize your web properties to beat them.

● SEO Optimized Websites

Your website is your online office and ought to be strategically located to be found easily by your customers. As your local SEO consultant, trust us to analyze your website to fix the minor and major problems that may be hindering it from getting indexed or ranking higher on search engines. We optimize your keywords and ensure that all website properties are properly optimized for search engine and user-friendliness.

● Technical SEO and Site Speed

Website speed, page load speed, internal links, website metadata, and others can affect your chances of ranking high on search engines. At Local Brand Advisor, we pay attention to every last detail to improve results. Our SEO experts will address all shortcomings and fix common problems hindering your website’s visibility and ranking.

● Content Writing and Amplification

The quality of content on your website, tone, and relatability can affect consumers’ decisions. Local Brand Advisor conducts in-depth research into what search engines and your users love. Our team will optimize, update, and create new content for your web properties while seeking content amplification opportunities to grow your reach, relevance, and popularity.

● Social Media and Review Management

Our full-service local search marketing Allentown offers you a chance to create a personality that your audience can relate to on social media. We use this to drive engagement, collect reviews, and build confidence that transforms visitors into paying customers.

● Local SEO Consulting and Google Maps SEO

Our SEO company Allentown can also act as an extension of your marketing department, providing the strategies and insights you need to dominate Google Maps for local SEO results. Get started by scheduling an onboarding call with our SEO experts today.

● Linkbuilding and Guest Blogging

Linkbuilding helps your business grow its topical and niche authority. Local Brand Advisor identifies the right linkbuilding opportunities for your business while also securing guest blogging placements on topically and niche-relevant websites.

● Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Our Allentown SEO agency is transparent with results and reporting. We offer up-to-date and detailed reporting on SEO results.

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