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Why Is Digital Marketing Important To A Franchise?

October 28, 2020

As a franchisor, it is your role by extension to assist your franchisees to also succeed in their business. Primarily because the success of the franchisee’s business is directly or indirectly the success of the franchisor. Your assistance as the franchisor may include but is not limited to helping them generate new business, helping them attract new customers, and grow their sales. Similar to the training that you take your franchisee through, you should also support them through local marketing campaigns to establish the brand locally. You can also seek the help of a franchise online marketing company to get the various means to help your franchisees. Supporting your franchisees helps the franchiser maintain the brand’s standards across the board globally. On the side of the franchisee, participating in the in marketing program run by the parent company helps them cut on the marketing costs.

Use Digital Advertising to Promote Your Franchisees

Display ads, social media, Google ads, among other online platforms form one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. That is because these digital platforms are highly targeted. Employing a fusion of these and some traditional marketing techniques, your franchisees can attract a sizable amount of customers.

Target Marketing

Digital advertising has the unique advantage of enabling your franchisee to target a specific group of people. It helps them target specific demographics such as age, income level, gender, and this helps them align their marketing with the ideal interests of the customer. Besides, digital marketing also enables your franchisees to specifically display ads to people within the location of the business.

Reach People Searching For Your Products

Search engines are very effective in this strategy. That is because a search engine can tell which words are people are looking for. Therefore, your ads are placed in places where the topics relate to your product or services. According to statistics by Google, over fifty percent of customers visit a store within twenty-four hours of searching online.

Retarget People based on their web behavior

Everyone might have experienced this you included. You visit a website and read about a product then later when browsing other pages and see an advertisement of a similar or the same product. According to research, potential customers are more likely to click such an ad than people without a leading web history.

Leverage Geofencing and target Your Competitor’s Customers

You can also target people who have visited a specific area in high volumes within a given period of time. Franchisees can create ads that target these multitudes within their competitors’ territory and is a highly effective way of reaching potential customers.

Try a Combination All

While there is no specific way of profitably marketing a business, the franchise should try the aforementioned with the aim of bringing out the synergy of the various strategies for the good of the franchisees. For more of this, kindly visit:

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