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What Is The Google Local 3 Pack?

March 25, 2021

If you are looking to improve your business website’s visibility, you may have to spend time and learn about SEO. That means familiarizing yourself with terms such as Local Pack or Google Local 3 Pack. We consider franchise marketing an essential aspect in the growth of your small venture through online sources. This can mean marketing activities such as email marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, content marketing, trade shows, commercials, etc. 

As much as the whole idea behind Local Pack can be confusing, you have no reason to worry. This content will highlight what the Google search page is all about. Moreover, you will learn how to take advantage of Google Local 3 Pack to expand your small business. 

More About Google 3-Pack 

The Google Local 3 Pack is a technique by Google to showcase the three best results for location-based searches. In this case, you will get your search results depending on your location as you submit your request. For example, when you search “Hotels around me,” Google Local 3 Pack will display the top three best hotels around your current location. 

Until 2015, marketers used Google Local 7 Pack, where you would see seven best results on your local search. After introducing the 3 Pack, marketing competition increased as everyone is aiming at the best three spots in search engines. These changes had an impact on the business sector. The 7-Pack allowed different local businesses to display in the first search page even with poor organic performance. To have the best from the new 3-Pack approach, you may have to involve our experts. Local Brand advisor exists to make sure that you rank higher in local searches. You can count on us to improve your Pack ranking for easier access to your targeted customers and increased sales. 

Ways To Increase Your Google Pack Ranking 

  • Ensure a Detailed GMB Page

Although searchers cannot access your GMB link, most data for your business (address, images, phone number, street view, and others) is from the GMB page. You can improve your Google Pack ranking by putting the correct information on your Google My Business web page. Having an updated GMB portfolio will help your small business rank better in Local 3-Pack. 

  • Earn Positive Reviews

Although no one refers to them as Google reviews nowadays, your GMB page reviews are essential in your local pack ranking. It is with no doubt that customers will visit a business with more positive reviews. Make sure that you satisfy any of your customers to ensure progressive feedbacks. In this technological error, people rely on reviews to measure the credibility of your services or products. However, keep in mind that your GMB page will also include bad reviews. 

  • Matching NAP on Websites 

At all costs, ensure complete NAP: Name, Address, and Phone on each of your web pages, local citations (Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, and others). Another thing is to ensure that you are 100% congruent with your information. Moreover, being consistent with the opening and closing hours will also improve your Google rankings. 

  • Create Additional Local Citation Links 

Building more authority links to local SEO is a crucial aspect of your small and expanding business. Unlike standard SEO, local SEO depends on relevant links from other websites in your local area. That will promote your Google Local 3-Pack rank. Is that not what you want for your business success? If you want to build a unique website, you may have to consider powerful local links or citations. That will promote consistency in your business details across all your sites. You will have a smooth experience in running your business and claim more positive reviews. That is what you need to create a prospering local business? 

I will advise you to hire SEO experts for your small business website. That will help you obtain the local authority links with ease. If you are new to the SEO world, we are here for you. Our Local Brand Advisor team will help you achieve your local ranking goals. 

Google Local 3-Pack Optimization 

Here are some of the points to consider for Google 3 Pack Optimization 

Ensure that you have an updated Google Local page filled with the right information. 

Claim as many reviews as you can. Many positive reviews will help boost your searching visibility. Keep in mind that Google stars and reviews will be observable on the Local 3 Pack.

Ensure consistency and accuracy in your entire website listings. This can mean things like a business phone number, addresses, and name. 

Claim relevant local links to promote your online visibility. The best thing is that you have multiple ways to encourage valuable links. You can sponsor local non-profits events or any other way to gain the links. 

You can use standard backlinks for organic rank improvements. To build profitable backlinks, ensure outstanding and detailed content that will engage your website visitors. 

Social media can be another great source for google optimization. Ensure a strong online presence on social media platforms to gain loyal local followers. 

What Can You Do When in a Competitive Market?

Indeed, some verticals and markets are very competitive, especially where the Local 3-Pack is filled with highly reviewed businesses. In such instances, optimizing and publishing your GMB profile may not get you in the Google Local 3 Pack. 

To fix such a situation will necessitate upgrading your SEO game. Ensure that your website ranks well in search engines for huge traffic with no hassles. If you think that is too challenging, opting for SEO professionals can be the best idea. Local Brand Advisor SEO experts have all it takes to rank you highest in the search engines. 

Final Thought 

Optimizing your business website seems to be the only successful way to stay on top of the game in this competitive environment. You can use the 3 Pack strategy by Google to increase your online visibility. This is a technique where search engines display the three best results in a given location. What can you do to ensure that your business appears as the top three option? Our experts are always present to ensure that you have no SEO challenges, hence improve your Google ranks. You only need to visit We offer complete SEO solutions for your local business.

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