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Top 50+ Bail Bonds Keywords To Rank Your Business

October 17, 2022

Bail Bond companies have taken a huge hit when it comes to recent advertising restrictions across crucial channels like Google Adwords and Facebook. Further changes in legislation have made it even more difficult for bail bondsmen to promote their companies in an online space. That is why most bail agencies have turned to SEO in order to outrank their local competitors and reach their desired target audience effectively. Now, more than ever, bail bonds companies are investing in good SEO strategies that increase the visibility of their agency online. 

When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO), particularly local search optimization, can be just as effective for lead generation for bail bondsmen as other outlets like PPC and retargeting campaigns are for non-restricted niches. 

Trust is hugely important for all brands. Negative reviews, low content authority, and lack of brand profiles can all have a major impact on whether or not your bail bonds agency thrives online. The best SEO for bail bondsmen will not only bring in more leads and conversions, but will build a foundation of brand trust and recognition along the way. 

Search engine optimization or SEO, particularly local SEO, for bondsmen allows bail agencies the opportunity to capture local and organic leads from Google and other search engines by outranking their competitors and getting their businesses to show in the first page of both Google Search and Google Maps results. 

A good SEO strategy, which is likely to meet the search engines standards and increase website traffic, among other things, requires proper keyword research. Finding specific keywords related to bail bonds that actually help bail agencies advertise their business and achieve the desired targeted traffic by focusing on relevant search terms, filtering out unwanted or irrelevant keywords, and creating content around the keywords and the needs of the target audience, is crucial to generating leads from organic traffic.

The rest of this article will cover the importance of keyword research in SEO and the top keywords to use when trying to promote bail bond agencies through SEO.

The Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental SEO process for creating effective marketing strategies. It involves identifying relevant targeted search terms and analyzing them to understand important information on picking the right keywords to rank higher and gain authority easier, ultimately maximizing the reach of the targeted audience. To maximize SEO efforts, rank higher, solidify the SEO strategy and gain better visibility on the search engine, a lot of categorization, filtering and research is required.

When you compile and break down keywords, which are targeted phrases that the searcher types in the search bar to find specific information on the web, targeting the desired audiences becomes a lot easier. However, you can end up hurting your website’s rank and authority if you don’t properly utilize various keyword types. 

The process of keyword research considers the search volumes, intent, and competitiveness of various keywords, which in the long run gives a better idea of where to correctly place keywords and how much effort is required to rank for that specific search term. Knowing the right keywords to use during the four stages of the buyer’s journey creates a well rounded campaign. 

User intent is crucial for lead generation, meaning you need to understand WHY a user searches for a particular term or phrase in order to provide them with the best info to meet their query. Search intent is sometimes obvious from the phrasing of the query itself. Sometimes, search intent can be more nuanced. The most common types of search queries include Informational, Navigational, Transactional, and Commercial. 

Informational Searches

  • The searcher is looking for information or answers. These keywords are commonly in the form of questions, though this is not strictly the case 100% of the time. Queries with informational intent can also be simple and straightforward, such as a movie title or band name. The content these users are searching for will most often be in-depth, long form content. 

Examples Of Informational Searches

  • Who Is Julian Assange
  • Manchester Airport Directions
  • Donald Trump
  • Football Scores
  • What Is HTML 5

Navigational Searches

  • These searchers already know what they are looking for and are often trying to locate a specific brand or website. Have you ever Googled ‘Facebook’ instead of typing the domain into your browser? This is a navigational search. 

Examples Of Navigational Searches

  • Facebook
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer
  • Beginners Guide To SEO Moz
  • Twitter Login

Transactional Searches

  • Transactional searches happen when users already have the information they need and are ready to purchase a product, or are interested in product costs. This means the searcher is ready to make a purchase decision, and is comparing companies and products across the web to find the most suitable pricing or options for their needs. 

Examples Of Transactional Searches

  • Buy Macbook Pro
  • NordVPN Coupon
  • Samsung Galaxy s10 cheap
  • Lastpass Premium Price

Commercial Investigation Searches

  • The searcher is interested in a specific product or service, but may not have the intention of making a purchase yet. This means that the searcher will likely be looking for reviews, information, comparisons, or other info that can solidify their purchase intent. Commercial investigation is oftentimes the most dominant type of search intent when it comes to local searches. 

Examples Of Commercial Investigation

  • Best Protein Powder
  • Ahrefs Reviews
  • Top Restaurants In London
  • Plumbers Near Me
  • Cheapest Hotels in Singapore

Keyword Research & SEO

Researching the most valuable keywords to use as a part of your SEO campaign is also a great way to get insight into the type of content that is most relevant for your various search terms. This can help you to determine the content that can be the most rewarding for your business and drive the most additional traffic for your preferred keywords. Having a content plan that is based in your primary keyword research will help you to create more relevance for your brand around these desired terms. 

Choosing the right keywords and targeting the right pages is the backbone of a good SEO campaign. Remember, your bail bonds company can’t advertise through ads channels like Google Adwords or Facebook Retargeting; getting your SEO campaign right is going to be crucial to your company’s performance online and your ability to capture leads early on. 

It is imperative that you don’t just focus on the high volume terms that you ultimately want to rank for; these are terms for further down your funnel. Rather, look for longtail or informational search queries that may be easier to rank for while still being valuable to your business’s lead funnel. Search terms that ask a question like ‘how do bail bonds work’ or ‘what can I use as collateral when posting bail’ can lead a searcher to your site, where they may spend time reading other available resources and learning about your business, or contacting you directly. By answering common questions and resolving pain points for potential clients, you will build your brand as an authority in the industry. 

Keyword research can help you to determine the phrases that your audience uses when looking for services or products that you offer. It can also help you to determine the type of content or sites that are ranking best for terms that you would like to target, and whether or not you are targeting the right keywords for your website. Combining this with competitor research will yield a more robust and well rounded keyword strategy that your brand can use to garner quick wins and long term results. 

Once the keyword research process is done, you will have a better idea of your campaign strategy, the competition you’re facing, how tough your ranking will be, and many other helpful insights.

Based on our extensive experience in bail bonds SEO, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top keywords that your bail bonds company should be optimizing for.

Top Keywords For Bail Bonds With Search Volume

Primary Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
Bail Bonds54,000
Bail Bondsman20,000
Bail Bond8,000
Bail Money1,600
Post Bail1,300
Posting Bond1,000
Signature Bond1,000
Bail Bondsmen800
Jail Bond800
Bail Bonding800
Cash Bond800
Bail Bond Agent600
Bail Bonds Agent600
Bail Out Of Jail600
Online Bail Bonds600
Best Bail Bonds500
Bail Bonds Service500
Paying Bail480
Bonding Agency400
Personal Bond400
Bond Surrender300
Bonded Out300
Posting Bail300
Bail Bond Agency250
Bond Business250
Bail Bond Service150
Bail Bonds Company150
Bail Bond Company150
Property Bond150
Professional Bail Bonds150
Online Bail Bondsman150
Bail And Bond100
Bail Bondsman Online100
Bail Bonds Agency90
Criminal Bonds90
1 Percent Bail Bonds80
Paying Bail60
Bail Agents40
Bonds Company40
Bondsman Company30
Bond Office30
Professional Bondsman30
Bail Services30
Bond Agents30
Best Bondsman20
Bail Bonds Agents20
Bail Bonding Agent20
Bond Agencies 10
Bail Bond Contract 10

Local Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
[City] Bail BondsVaried
Bail Bonds [City]Varied
Bail Bonds [City, State Abbreviation]Varied
[City] Bail BondsmanVaried
Bail Bondsman [City]Varied
Bail Bondsman [City, State Abbreviation]Varied

Near Me Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
Bondsman Near Me7,700
Bonding Companies Near Me2,400
Bail Bonds Near Me2,100
Bonding Company Near Me1,100
Bonds Near Me1,100
Bond Company Near Me1,100
Bondsmen Near Me900
Bail Bonding Company Near Me800
1 Percent Bail Bonds Near Me400
Cheap Bondsman Near Me250
Bailsman Near Me200
Local Bondsman150
Local Bail Bondsman150
Bond Bailsman Near Me80
Bondsman In My Area80
Local Bondsman Near Me80
Bond Agency Near Me60
Local Bail Bonds20
Bail Bond Agent Near Me20

Top Informational Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
How Does A Bail Bond Work6,000
How Does Bail Work5,700
Do You Get Bail Money Back4,300
How Do Bail Bonds Work3,100
What Are Bail Bonds600
How To Post Bail200
How Do Bails Bonds Work150
What Do Bail Bondsman Do150
What Is Bond Surrender100
Bail Bond Without Co-signer80
How Does Putting Your House Up For Bail Work70
Bail Bond Process70
Can A Felon Sign A Bond70
Bail Bond Cost60
Can You Pay Bail With A Debit Card50
What Happens When You Cosign A Bail Bond50
Can A Cosigner Be Removed From A Bail Bond30
Can A Felon Be A Bail Bondsman30
Bail Bonds Process20

24/7 USP Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
24 Hour Bail Bonds500
24 Hour Bonding250
24 Hour Bonding Company80
Bail Bonds 24 Hours50
24 Hour Bail Bonds Company50
24 Hour Bail Bondsman30
Bail Bonds Open 24 Hours10

Affordable USP Search Terms

KeywordSearch Volume
Cheap Bail Bonds500
Bail Bonds No Money Down240
Cheapest Bail Bonds200
Affordable Bail Bonds200
Cheap Bail Bonds Near Me150
Affordable Bondsman100
Cheap Bondsman100
Cheap Bail Bondsman80
Cheapest Bail20


Service Level Keywords

In addition to the typical service-level keywords like “drug crime bail bonds” or “immigration bail bonds” or assault bail bonds”, we recommend trying to capture the following search phrases and variations on the corresponding service pages.

Drug Crime Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For Drug Possession60
Bail Amount For Drug Possession40
Bail For Possession Of Drugs40
Bond For Possession Of Controlled Substance30
How Much Is Bail For Drug Trafficking30

Immigration Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Immigration Bail Bond300
Immigration Bond Company50
Immigration Bonding Company50
Immigration Bondsman40
Who Is Eligible For Immigration Bond30
Action Immigration Bond30
Immigration Bond Agency20

DUI Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For DUI350
DUI Bail Cost150
DUI Bail Amount90
Average Bail Amount DUI30

Larceny/Theft Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For Theft50
Bail For Shoplifting20

Marijuana Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Weed Bond50
Marijuana Bonds30

Assault Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For Assault250
Bail For Assault80
How Much Is Bond For Assault50
Assault Bail Amount30
Average Bail For Assault20
Average Bail Amount For Assault10

Juvenile Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Do Juveniles Get Bail80
Can You Bail Someone Out Of Juvie60

Surety Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Surety Bond34,000
Surety Company500
Criminal Surety Bond20

Failure to Appear Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
What Is FTA Charge350
FTA Bail Bonds30
FTA Bond20

Firearm Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For Gun Possession100
Bond For Felon In Possession Of Firearm40
Weapons Violation Bail Bonds10

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Bail For Domestic Violence200
How Much Is Bail For Domestic Violence200
Bond For Domestic Violence70

Parole/Probation Violation Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Long Can They Hold You In Jail For A Parole Violation350
Can You Bail Out Of Jail On A Probation Violation300
Violation Of Parole200
Bond Violation200
Probation Violation Bond Amount200
What Happens When You Violate Parole150
How To Get A Probation Bond100
Violation Of Bail Bond10

Sex Crime Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
How Much Is Bail For Molestation200
How Much Is Bail For Statutory Rape40

Felony Bail Bonds

KeywordSearch Volume
Can You Bond Out On A Felony Charge450
How Much Is Bail For A Felony350
Felony Bond80


Putting Great Keyword Analysis To Work For You

Finding the best keywords to rank a bail bonds business is just the first step in dominating the SERPs. Your keyword list will help you when it comes to creating highly authoritative and relevant bail bonds content, submitting your business to bail bonds directories, and crafting the most impactful backlinks strategy for your site. Let our experienced bail bonds marketers do the heavy lifting for you – from keyword and competitor research to tailored SEO strategies that keep you on top of your online competition like never before.

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