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Standard Web Page Load Times And How To Increase Your Website’s Speed

December 19, 2019

Average page load times can vary from page to page, however, according to Google, the recommended page load time should be under 2 seconds. In the world of customer service, providing fast results and services should be a priority for every company. That is why companies like Amazon put a lot of effort into providing immediate shipping through their Amazon prime membership. Increasing the overall speed of your company’s website will greatly help your company grow. A great way to increase your website’s speed is through local seo services. Here we would like to discuss everything you need to know about web page load times and how increasing the speed can benefit your business.

Measuring Webpage Load Time And How It Works

The webpage load time is basically the time required for a webpage to completely load up the site’s content. Basically, when speaking about webpage load times we need to understand that a website does not load up in one shot but requires that smaller sections load up piece by piece. There are other factors that affect how fast a website will load including the page’s attributes, the browser being used, device and the speed of internet connection. Load times can be measured by using two different categories: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOMContent Loaded (DCL). The FCP is the first image you see after searching for a website. After a couple of seconds, the rest of the website is loaded — the remaining loading parts are called DCL. Basically, the FCP ensures the most important parts of the webpage load up first and the DCL takes care of the less important sections. The difference between these two categories is how the webpage speed is measured and dictates whether a page loads fast or not.

How Does Website Speed Affect Your Business?

Anyone that visits your website will make their opinion in just .05 seconds after the webpage has loaded. A fast web page heavily influences whether a consumer will make a purchase or not. More than half of visitors will leave a site if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. When it comes to SEO, if your website takes longer to load than the competition, Google will reduce your site’s ranking in favor of faster ones.

Decreasing Your Website’s Loading Time

There are many ways to fix or optimize your website’s loading time. Some ways to speed up your site include optimizing images and content, website caching, compressing the site’s content and avoid landing page redirects. Additionally, there various tools that can be used to decrease a website’s load time including Webpage Test, Pingdom, Google Search Console and Google Page Speed Calculator.

A complete website redesign may be required to completely optimize your website and will drastically improve your site’s performance. When it comes to website optimization, working with a professional SEO company like Local Brand Advisor can make all the difference you need to increase business.


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