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6 Reasons Why SEO is the Best Marketing Tactic for Local Businesses

March 19, 2021

The primary objective of marketing any business is reaching and converting the target populace into actual clients. According to Statistics, in 2019, businesses in North America spent close to 254 billion U.S dollars on advertising expenditure. Without any doubt whatsoever, this is a fortune. The principal question in the face of this remains the returns on such weighty advertising budgets and what it means to smaller businesses. According to Franchise marketing, a big chunk of this money goes to marketers’ pockets without necessarily improving a company’s sales trajectory. For your business to sustainably reach the target market, local SEO is highly recommended and more affordable as opposed to paid advertisements, billboards, and yellow pages.

 While we agree the narrative of “SEO is dead” has been widely spread and has shaped many conversations in marketing matters, the truth is, it is a fallacy. Advertising agencies will peddle the falsehood for businesses to pay huge amounts of money for adverts. Talk of a capitalist global economy! The means you choose to reach your customers could mean prosperity for your business or otherwise. Therefore, it is imperative in an information cluttered world we separate the chaff from the wheat by discussing the concept of local SEO extensively.

 According to marketing executives from high flying corporates such as Google, SEO is not dead, but they are keen to note that it might have changed forms with the prevailing market changes. That is where hiring a credible SEO agency comes in. A constant professional local SEO strategy could be the missing link between your business and its projected profits. Tech fact, search engines depend on local SEO to rank pages on the first page. You only need to increase your business’s visibility to potential clients.

Reasons Local SEO is the Best Fit for Your Business


  1. Local SEO improves credibility-  consumers are easily attracted to brands they can trust. Local SEO will assist your business to connect with the customer.
  2. Mobile Search is rising fast – according to Google, in 2019, mobile search traffic accounted for 61% of the total number of searches. Local SEO will help your business rank highly on the search pages.
  3. Local SEO gives Qualified, and Consistent Leads – reaching out to prospective customers who might be interested in your product is the first step in the right direction.
  4. High Sales conversion – Local SEO converts a majority of the potential customers who interact with your product.
  5. Local SEO gives your business a competitive advantage- In a business environment where there is a lot of confusion in matters marketing, expand your profit margins.
  6. Affordability- Local SEO is affordable and could cut down your marketing budget by half while doubling your customer base. For professional yet cost-friendly Local SEO marketing, visit

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