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# Local SEO Tips for Franchises and Multi-Location Businesses

January 22, 2021

Some Pro-Tips For Multi-Location SEO

Here are some pro-tips from our experience to maximize your Local SEO effectiveness:


You should optimize your website pages for faster loading times. This is not only good for better user experience but also SEO rankings. The faster your website is, the more it will show up in SERPs and the lesser bounce rate you will have.

Have all your business location pages on a single domain. Creating location pages on different domains splits up the ranking signals. The only reason why you should have separate domains for each location is when your franchises have a separate company-branded website.

Do not indulge in keyword stuffing. It is a trick of the bygone SEO era and is currently frowned upon and penalized.

Create hyper-local content for your GMB listings. You can talk about store/outlet specific events, offerings, staff, sales, discounts, and more.

Always make sure your map pin is accurate even when your address is correct. This is because an inaccurate map pin can make it difficult for your customers to find you on the ground.

Your GMB listing can be used as an FAQ section by default. You can ask and answer questions that resolve common customer queries. Additionally, they are a great way to incorporate more target keywords.

Maximize GMB attributes & features. For example, cafe listings allow people to book tables, see the menu, and more from the profile itself.

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