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Is The Greater Pittsburgh Metro Area The Best Place to Open a New Business?

February 17, 2022

Businesses need the right location to set up and begin working. The right location is a mix of important factors, including accessibility, convenience, and audience. Businesses need a location that is easy to access, and this might be one of the biggest reasons why the Greater Pittsburgh Metro Area or the Golden Triangle is the best place to open a new business. This business district is common knowledge to the community members and offers much more to both the business and the customers in terms of transportation network (the “T”) and opportunities.

New businesses located in the Greater Pittsburgh Metro area also get a chance to share buildings or proximity with some of the biggest names in the business world, thus inspiring them to be better at what they do and grow their fortunes.

Reasons to Start a Business in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area

Pennsylvania is home to some of the biggest companies in the county, including Comcast, Rite Aid, T-Mobile, Aramark, and others. There’s no contesting the progressive business potential the state offers. However, once known for its steel industry, Pittsburg isn’t to be forgotten as a perfect business destination. In recent years, the area has witnessed an immense economic transformation and is now home to over 35,000 people who have carved out a profession for themselves in tech and non-tech-related fields.

Pittsburgh has fast become an occupational cluster and is growing fast with as much as a 7% increase in people between the ages of 25 and 29. The growing employment pool coupled with the low cost of living and numerous amenities and tax incentives offered to businesses makes it the perfect destination for startups and business expansion. Some other reasons to start a business in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan area include;

Affordable Housing

Startup businesses like Digital Marketing Agencies are often worried about the welfare of their staff. This means they have to consider how much they’re offering in relation to the cost of living, housing costs, and other factors. Pittsburgh is ranked among the most affordable cities in the United States, with the most expensive neighborhoods commanding lower prices per square foot than other suburban areas.

Affordable Commercial Real Estate

A startup’s location can significantly tilt the business needle in the right or wrong direction. In Pittsburg, startups and businesses don’t have to worry about sacrificing an arm and a leg to get a space in the right location for their business. With the significantly affordable commercial real estate, business owners can conveniently locate their startups in the heart of downtown or the Golden Triangle at a lower price per square foot compared to other suburban areas in its league.

Business Friendly Incentives

Pittsburgh is a forward-thinking city, and this is evident in the many business-friendly incentives offered by the mayor. New businesses can expect to be received with open arms while also tapping into the wealth of the resources provided by the region.

Business founders in Pittsburg can not only rely on the welcoming incentives and regulations of the area but the support offered by resources designed to promote business culture as well.

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