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How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

July 6, 2021

When the average price for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is quoted, it may look expensive at first. However, a breakdown of what is included may shed better light. For example, large companies, multi-location businesses, and franchises in need of local franchise marketing services may be charged anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000 per month. Mid-sized companies can expect to pay around $1,000 to $5,000 per month for SEO needs while smaller companies can budget around $500 to $800 per month to get their businesses to their target audience.

Local SEO Services Under $600

While there are digital marketing agencies that charge the amount described above, there are some others who may offer you an SEO package of $600 or less for a month. Now, it is important to understand that price often affects the quality of services rendered and the results delivered. While such companies may appear to be delivering results, what they are doing is the barest minimum. To be factual, $600 a month does not begin to scratch the surface of your SEO needs.

A digital marketing company with experienced and proven SEO experts cannot afford to deliver solid results on this kind of budget. You may need to compare the results offered by such agencies to others that have priced their services a little higher to understand the difference. Ultimately, the amount spent on SEO matters as it can affect the returns generated. Paying more money for more results allows you to cover your marketing costs as fast as possible while enjoying the profits.

Budget Local SEO Services

While cheap local SEO services won’t get you anywhere, there is an option that you can explore. Budget local SEO services offer you the advantage of paying a little higher than the dirt-cheap SEO to get quality content. SEO content isn’t necessarily the result you want, especially when you have high-level objectives and targets to meet. Countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, India, China, Russia, Kenya, the Philippines, and others are known to offer thorough web and software developers who can put your platform together. However, they may be unable to deliver the specific SEO results that you need.

For such countries, paying $600 may be a lot to the self-acclaimed SEO expert but this does not necessarily mean that they can get the job done and deliver on the high-target objectives. In fact, due to the different climes in which the SEO expert is and where your business is located, such a person may be unable to interpret and make sense of some of the data they have collected. These data sets, in the hands of someone familiar with the fast-paced American or European economy, may prove essential to drive your business to the top of the industry in which you operate.

In essence, SEO experts are rare, local SEO experts are even fewer. What this means is that for a local SEO expert to deliver an awesome job that brings in more ROI for your business, such a person knows their worth and wouldn’t charge you $600 a month. In addition, such a person needs a local knowledge of how consumers react and interact with certain information. This knowledge is what will be used to drive your local SEO forward to increase visits and purchases.

You have a choice here, to pay $600 or under for a quick and dirty SEO job that mostly comprises of On-Page SEO Optimizations for your website or to pay higher so that you can get more than just website optimization but other services like high-quality backlinks, maps optimization, local 3 Pack ranking, and more.

Local SEO Campaigns for Large Companies

Large companies usually have a lot to spend on marketing. However, it boils down to their decision on whether to spend it all or be miserly in their spending. Surely, the economists understand the importance of marketing to drive sales and promote other key targets. The cost of hiring an SEO expert can range between $60k and $100k per annum in the US.

As a large business with locations in multiple areas, you may need to work with more than one SEO expert. Consider that the cost of hiring, say 5 local SEO experts can run up to about $420k annually with costs like employer tax, benefits, Medicare tax, social security tax, and other costs factored in. What this means is that a business of $500k does not fully cater to an agency’s financial needs with respect to having 5 SEO experts on board your SEO project.

When the marketing budget is viewed from this perspective, then it becomes a lot more understandable why top-quality SEO services can be expensive, especially when it is delivering the desired results. With such a budget, large corporations can leverage compounded results that are evident in the form of large conversion rates. These large conversion rates promise several millions of dollars in returns. With such returns, it becomes easier to fork out $500k per annum for marketing and to also upgrade the marketing budget to bring in more results.

Local SEO Campaigns for Mid-Sized Businesses

Local SEO isn’t just a tool for large companies with locations nationwide and across countries. Medium-sized businesses, irrespective of the industry they operate in, can also tap into the advantages of local SEO. Small-sized businesses usually have a lesser competition to deal with as many believe they have nothing to gain. This low to mid-level competition allows the early birds to dominate the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and offers at least 300 percent in returns on their marketing budget.

For medium-sized businesses, especially those in the conservative industry, a single lead can pay their marketing budget. If, however, the SEO agency can deliver a single big lead monthly, the client’s business stands a chance to make several millions of dollars in profit.

Small Business Local SEO

Local and small businesses usually do not have a large marketing budget to work with. However, as they grow and make more money from marketing ROI, they may be more open to increasing their marketing budget. A full-scale SEO service may be unproductive for a local business like a salon. However, local directory listings can do a lot for them. Local businesses like medical practices and law firms are a lot different as they can take advantage of search engine listing and local visibility. This type of service may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on the agency and the type of results expected.

Paying for local SEO services may not be cheap; however, the returns remain the focus. Large ROIs from SEO campaigns and marketing can easily cover the marketing cost and put more money in a business’s pocket. Also by implementing GA4 tracking in your local SEO campaigns, you can better understand your audience’s behavior and optimize your marketing strategies for even greater returns on investment. Learn more about SEO services, costs, and benefits from

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