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Bail Bonds Bing Ads Case Study – The Importance and Impact of a High-Quality Score

October 17, 2022

Due to a growing national movement to eliminate cash bail from the criminal justice system, Bail Bonds Agencies were banned from Facebook and Google Paid Advertising, which was quite impactful and reduced the means of advertising for these businesses. As a result, many bail bond businesses now rely on organic search traffic and SEO. But there are still ways to advertise bail bonds with paid ads that show up on the first page of the SERPs.

These changes have not completely removed bail bonds from the search engines, as these companies can still get listings on maps and achieve organic traffic through their websites; they also remain active through social media channels such as Facebook. Changes in marketing within the bail industry were not wholly seen as negative, as some of these changes brought smaller bail bonds companies up to the same level as larger ones, thereby creating more opportunities for bail bondsmen who want to start ranking and showing in ads and other search channels. 

What Are Bing PPC Ads?

Bing is a Search Engine owned by Microsoft, which provides all the search services other search engines provide – like video, images, and map search products. PPC is a form of paid digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad gets a click. Bing ads function the same as social media paid advertising. 

Bing PPC provides PPC advertising on both Bing and Yahoo Search engines. Although many are accustomed to Google and Facebook, Bing and their partners have 35% of the desktop search market share in the US. This means that deciding not to advertise businesses on Bing costs you ⅓ of the traffic on the web.

Why You Should Use Bing PPC

Bing is the most popular Search Engine in the world after Google and YouTube. When factoring in other sites like MSN and Yahoo, Bing has a very good market share and is a more affordable PPC platform, compared to Google and Facebook. While Google and Facebook serve a greater audience and have more traffic, they are more expensive, with a higher cost per click, and have restricted bail bond PPC advertising.

PPC ads provide the most targeted traffic an ad can buy, meaning high lead generating potential for any business and high placements on the top of the search results.

How Quality Score Affected Our Client’s CTR and CPC

By increasing your ads performance, you will get higher placement for your ads in search. By improving the quality score and lowering CPC (cost-per-click), we are able to increase the ad rank, getting our client a higher return on their initial investment. 85% of clicks happen in the top positions in search. By working to increase Quality Score in your ads, you improve the overall ads campaign quality and lower costs, resulting in higher ad placement and more clicks. 

Due to the volatile nature of paid ads, it can seem difficult to control the costs per click within the campaign. By combining several factors that improve the Quality Score, it is possible to reduce the average CPC – in this case, all the way to just $3.45 per action for our bail bonds client. 

We are dedicated to continuously optimizing your ads to achieve more and more impressive results every day. This, together with fully optimized landing pages, will guarantee your business an increase in visitors and calls!

Succeed in your Online Advertising Efforts and Become More Competitive

In the case of this client, we managed to double the monthly spend from October to December while remaining at a stable +93% top impression share. With tightly themed and targeted ad groups and organized keywords, we were able to provide users with more relevance while eliminating irrelevant traffic, ultimately helping to improve our Quality Score further. 

Quality score has a direct correlation to PPC success. A higher quality score means reduced CPC, which means you could outrank your competitors who are paying more than you for ads. By discovering and using highly relevant keywords, organizing them, refining ad text, optimizing landing pages, and adding negative keywords we increased our client’s quality score to 9 out of 10 and lowered their CPC to $3.45.

How Quality Score Affects PPC Campaigns

Quality score is the search engine’s rating of how well your ads match the search terms and how good of a user experience is provided by the page your ad links to. Quality Score has enormous influence over the cost effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. It affects how PPC ads perform rank-wise, how high the CPC is, and how high the impression share will be. It is the search engine’s way to say your PPC ad meets your potential customers’ needs.

When the search engine determines your Quality Score it takes into account:

  • Click-through rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience

It is a measure of relevance and how likely it is that users will decide to click on your ad and how eligible your ad is to enter the ad auction. High Quality Scores bring higher ROI and lower costs per call due to the lowered CPC. We are able to secure high CTRs, create highly relevant ads, and optimize landing pages for a better user experience, thereby increasing your Quality Score. 

95% Increase on CTR

The campaign got 100 clicks, +1600 impressions and a CTR of almost 6%, overall remaining above 5% each month. While the average CTR for legal services on Bing is 2.83%, we almost doubled our client’s CTR by working on increasing their Quality Score.

Low Quality Scores are a result of unorganized keywords and ad groups or problems with ad text or landing page content. By considering other factors beyond keywords, like location, search devices used, and ad schedule, we can position your ads in the perfect spot to guarantee the highest amount of traffic.

650% Increase In Conversion Rate

While the average conversion rate for legal services in Bing is 3.58%, our client got 27 calls out of those 100 clicks. 1 out of 4 people who clicked on our client’s ad also called, meaning the conversion rate rose all the way to 27%. By adjusting your bidding strategy and using our conversion-centered design principles, your bail business is more likely to see more customers. 

Our client’s cost per call decreased to $12.76 and the call conversion rate improved month by month from 24% to 28%. We can help your bail business achieve similar results by putting your ads in front of the right target audience at the right time in order to generate as many conversions as possible.

Let Us Improve Your Campaign and Bring You More Business

It takes multiple well oiled pieces to create a winning PPC campaign. If your ad copy is vague or bland, you’ll likely struggle to convert leads. Conversely, if you are bidding on the wrong keywords, you’ll never get even the best optimized landing page in front of the right audience. 

We can improve your ads Quality Score with well-written and optimized ads copy that speaks to your target audience’s needs, tightly targeted keyword themes, and quality landing pages that make conversions a breeze. 

Let us help you leverage the benefits of a higher ads Quality Score, including paying less to maintain crucial search positions and lowering your cost per click by as much as 50%.

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