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Getting Started with Your Campaign

Thanks for scheduling your onboarding call!

** Your campaigns OFFICIAL start date is the date of your Onboarding Call. 

Below are the items you need to gather for your onboarding call. We need these access and login items before we can begin your campaign.

Please work to gather as much of this before the call as you can. Also, be sure to read What to Expect to maximize success too!

What You Need for Your Onboarding Call

1. Website Admin Access

Username, password, and login URL needed. You can usually create a new account for us, or provide an existing user account if available.

2. Link to Brand Images

We recommend creating a Google Drive folder or Dropbox specifically for brand images for SEO. You can add to this folder over time and our team will have updated images to utilize.

3. GMB Listing Access

Please provide manager access logins (email, password & recovery info) OR we can provide a dedicated GSuite account to manage your listing. If you choose option 2 it will be provided during the onboarding call. 

4. Hosting/CPanel Access

Username, password and LOGIN URL needed. CPanel is the control panel for hosting and website server, which can generally be found through your developer if you don’t know where to locate. Hosting providers include GoDaddy, WP Engine, Siteground, etc. and would have a separate login if hosting is not set up in CPanel.

5. CDN/Cloudfare Access

If you currently have a CDN set up, we will need username, password, and login URL.

6. Google Analytics Email, Password & Recovery Info

7. Google Search Console Email, Password & Recovery Info

8. Logins to EXISTING citations accounts

Please provide link, username and password for account.
9. Link to Existing SEO Work (if applicable)

10. Call Tracking Email, Password & Recovery Info (if applicable)

11. Practice or Business License #

12. Link to GMB listings & Corresponding Official Location Name, Address, Phone, & Point of Contact

13. Headquarters Address

If you have any questions, you can always email for assistance.
Chaz and Team

Meet the Team

We believe that a good SEO strategy starts with appropriate planning and mapping. We conduct a full assessment of your brand’s potential in your targeted local area and present you with an organized, carefully planned program designed to increase your leads and visibility.

We can help your local business get the maximum exposure it deserves. You can communicate your campaign intentions and goals to us and we will strive to deliver the results you want.

Through our creative ideas and innovations, you can rest assured that your business will take-off.

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