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Business Friendly Neighborhoods in New Haven CT

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The best locations to start a business in New Haven

New Haven offers a friendly business environment to startups and businesses looking to expand into the area. With a population of over 100,000 people, business owners can easily carve out their customers with the right strategies. The city of New Haven also offers businesses a chance to leverage some of its business resources for business growth and development. Whether you are interested in establishing a New Haven Digital Marketing company or any other business in New Haven, choosing the right business location can impact your bottom line.

Downtown New Haven

Downtown New Haven is located in the heart of the city and is regarded as its commercial hub. The area is made up of the original nine squares laid out to form New Haven in 1638. Being one of the most planned cities in the country, the city center or downtown is surrounded by the New Haven Green, a significant portion of Yale University, as well as the central business district.

Downtown New Haven plays host to many businesses, including cafes, restaurants, stores, and theaters. It also serves as home to about 7,000 people who live in the area. The area is divided into independent sections, with each one offering different characteristics that make it suitable for different business types. The distinct sections are;

Chapel Street

The area between Chapel Street and Crown Streets offers access to several businesses like boutiques, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. The area also faces the Old Yale University campus and offers access to some historic establishments like the c. 1934 Owl Shop cigar lounge and the Union League Café. Some of the notable buildings in the area include the Chapel Square Mall, Hotel Taft, Yale Center for British Art, and the Yale University Art Gallery.


This is a commercial center with a significant percentage of it owned by Yale University. The area has been redeveloped over the years and is now referred to as the Yale Shopping District. Prior to Yale buying a significant portion of the area, it used to be notable for the presence of Cutlers Records and Yankee Doodle Coffee Shop.

Ninth Square

This district offers a resurgence of bars, clubs, and restaurants to promote nightlife. The district, containing the blocks located Southeast of New Haven Greens, is also deemed an art district. Many of the buildings within this district are preserved as the Ninth Square Historic District.

Whitney Avenue

Located North of the New Haven Green, this district contains eateries, restaurants, and shops owned by Yale University. Most of the businesses in this area cater to the needs of the students. This area also serves as a home for the East Asian community in New Haven as there are several stores, restaurants, and shops catering to the population in the area.

Notable Sites in Downtown New Haven

New Haven City Hall

New Haven Free Public Library

New Haven Green

Knights of Columbus Building

New Haven County Courthouse

Yale University’s Old Campus

Yale Repertory Theatre

Yale Center for British Art

Yale University Art Gallery

Harkness Tower

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