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Hartford is a Home to Many Established companies

Hartford was the seat of Hartford County until the state, in 1960, disbanded the county government. It has remained a powerful part of the Connecticut area since then. Being the capital city of Connecticut, the Greater Hartford metropolitan area is estimated to have about 121,054 people living in it, according to the 2020 population census, and is regarded as the fourth largest city in Connecticut, trailing cities like Stamford, New Haven, and Bridgeport.

Being home to some of the oldest historical structures and establishments, including the Wadsworth Atheneum – US’ oldest public art museum, Bushnell Park – oldest publicly funded park, and Hartford Courant – the oldest continuously published newspaper, the area has a deep historical relevance of its own.

According to Business Data and Statistics, establishing a business in the capital of the world, as it is often called, offers businesses a chance to tap into the high sufficiency offered by the city. Hartford is home to many established companies across industries, including insurance companies, service businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Establishing a business in Hartford

Small businesses and larger ones who wish to expand into Connecticut, especially Hartford, are welcome to become a part of the big family. The state and city offer great welcoming incentives to business owners while also providing them with important resources to help them thrive and succeed. One of those resources offered by the state is the specially created Office of Small Business Affairs which aims to bridge the gap between business owners and the resources available to improve their ease of doing business. With help from the special office, relocation, financing, and technical assistance, amongst other resources, are made available to startups and business owners.

Business Support in Hartford

Hartford offers business owners a chance to fall back on the support they need when they most need it. Hartford Digital Marketers and other New business owners who need help navigating the business scene can take advantage of the New Business Checklist Tool prepared for intending business owners. The tool offers simple steps to creating personalized checklists to guide intending business owners through the startup process.

Business owners in Hartford can also leverage the DECD Direct Assistance resource to seek financial funding for their small businesses. The DECD Direct Assistance funding is available to entrepreneurs through two programs;

Economic and Manufacturing Assistance Act (MAA) – Provides low-interest loans and incentive-driven direct loans to businesses that have strong economic development potentials. This funding can be used for training, equipment purchase, as part of startup capital, construction, furniture and fixtures, leasehold improvements, and other activities related to the project.

Small Business Express Program – Affords small business owners whose businesses create jobs and foster economic growth and opportunity to qualify for loans and grants.
Other available support solutions for business owners looking to establish in Hartford, CT include;

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) – Offers grants to technology-based startups that are housed in Connecticut incubator facilities through the Small Business Incubator Grant Program.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – Businesses have access to loans and loan guarantees under the SBA through lenders.

Other Resources for Business and Growth

Business owners can take advantage of other resources like the State of Connecticut One-Stop Business Portal to create custom business checklists, view taxes and forms, update registration information, obtain licenses and permits, and register new employees. The Small Business 101 Series is also a resource available to founders or intending founders of small businesses in the area. The East Hartford Public library also holds programs that provide information to anyone interested in starting a business in the area. Those looking for the right areas to situate their business can leverage the Available buildings/sites resource and Loopnet for available commercial real estate.

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