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Business Friendly Neighborhoods of Hartford, CT

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The most business friendly neighborhoods Hartford has to offer

The right location means a lot to business owners, especially new Digital Marketing companies with great economic and growth potential. Most new businesses in Hartford consider establishing themselves in Downtown Hartford. Downtown Hartford is the city’s primary business district and offers business owners a better chance of connecting with their customers and networking with other business owners in the area. Downtown Hartford isn’t only populated by private businesses, there are as many government buildings and offices in the area as well. This brings business owners closer to the government, aiding their access to resources like permits and approvals.

Downtown Hartford is especially famous for the large number of insurance companies that have come to call the area home. This is perhaps why many people refer to Downtown Hartford as the Insurance Capital of the World.

In Downtown Hartford, you can expect to rub shoulders with some of the biggest companies in the area, including the likes of The Phoenix Companies, The Hartford, Hartford Steam Boilers, Travelers Insurance, Aetna, and United Technologies Corporation. Most of these businesses are located in office towers that have been erected for over 20 years, making them iconic buildings to establish a business in.

In terms of transportation, businesses in the Downtown Hartford area do not experience a shortage of public and private transportation, especially as the area is the hub for the Connecticut Transit Hartford bus routes.

Aside from a large number of insurance companies, other businesses that thrive in the Downtown Hartford area include restaurants, parks, and museums. Some interesting sights in the major business district include Hartford City Hall, the Hartford Public Library, the Old State House, the Wadsworth Atheneum, Travelers Tower, Bushnell Park, Hotel Bond, Connecticut State Capitol, and the Legislative Office Complex.

While Downtown Hartford has a record for being the central business district, a recent survey identified the best neighborhoods for singles and young professionals to include:

Asylum Hill

The home prices in Asylum Hill are averaged at $105,808 and the monthly rent median is placed at about $794. Asylum Hill is located between Downtown Hartford (the main business district) and West End, making it an attractive location to live in and do business. One of the greatest advantages of living in this area and perhaps doing business here is the accessibility of downtown and the accompanying suburban feel. Some of the big companies in the area include The Hartford, a Fortune 500 company, and Saint Francis Hospital.


The median price of homes in the Downtown area is $59,767, while the median rent is pegged at about $812 per month. Downtown Hartford is home to many companies and offers easy access to the city’s center and economic hub. There are lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment spots in the area. Also, bigger names like Nassau Financial Group, Travelers Insurance, and other corporate entities are located in this area. Being in this area offers access to several modern and historical high-rise buildings and apartments.

Frog Hollow

The home prices in Frog Hollow are placed at a median price of $95,489 while the median rent is pegged at $893. Frog Hollow is deemed 29% safer than other Hartford Neighborhoods and offers access to many unique local businesses and bigger corporations like Aetna. Frog Hollow also provides access to top educational institutions for people who wish to advance their careers while tapping into the workforce environment.

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