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Erie City Is an Ideal Spot for your Business

Whether you are looking to start a new business or expand into Erie City, you can be sure of a thriving economic environment to plug your business into. As the fifth largest city in Pennsylvania, Erie City boasts a population of 266,096 people in its metropolitan area, offering a good transportation network, better economic policies and incentives, an informed population, and more. In terms of transportation, Erie City is conveniently located with easy access to the highways, water, rail, and air – this means you have a chance to access your new business location however you choose to. But an ideal spot to start or expand your business isn’t only about transportation networks, the area draws on its manufacturing and enterprising heritage to deliver a highly skilled multigenerational workforce.

Erie city is also located within 100 miles of cities like New York, Ohio, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, and Cleveland. Businesses in the area leverage its many tourist attractions like Erie Zoo, Waldameer Park, and Presque Isle State Park, which account for about four million visitors annually. More than these, you can be sure to find the right talents to staff your business due to its universities that also add to the pool of highly skilled workers. Erie's universities have been a major breeding ground for talents over the years. These universities also provide the foundation and facilities for research and training to relevant businesses.

Why Consider Erie City for Business?

Erie City is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets among entrepreneurs. As a business owner, you deserve a thriving climate, and Erie offers a combination of important factors that’ll boost your business. Business owners who want the ideal living conditions for their employees can also rely on the area to provide great welfare advantages that’ll ultimately contribute to employee satisfaction and increased performance.

Here are some Erie City facts you may wish to know;

Top Businesses in Erie, PA

Establishing your business in Erie PA gives you a chance to join other top businesses in the area as they make history. Some of the top businesses that call Erie PA home are;

WMF – One of the largest independent commercial mortgage bankers in the United States 

Erie Insurance Group – One of the largest insurance companies offering flexible insurance policies to a variety of homes, tenants, and residents.

Zurn Industries – A Chinese company established in Erie to help businesses find gold products for in-house needs.

Country Fair – Offers a chain of convenience stores in Erie to meet residents’ needs.

REMAX Real Estate Group – Offers comprehensive real estate solutions to commercial establishments.

Other top establishments to watch out for in Erie, PA are:

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Join the many businesses in Erie PA and leverage the resources available to them. Learn more about the business clime via Erie county Data Center or network through the Northwestern Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network. Brainstorm ideas at the Erie County Public Library’s Idea Lab or leverage additional local resources to improve business growth.

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