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Business Friendly Neighborhoods of Erie PA

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Erie is surrounded by Business-friendly Neighborhoods:

The right location can change the trajectory of your business. Situating your business in the right area, with ease of accessibility, convenience, and network of other businesses, can encourage more customers to choose you over others. Whether you are an Erie Digital Marketer considering a branch office in Erie or looking to start up a new business in the area, Downtown Erie is one of the best business locations to consider.

Downtown Erie is regarded as the central business district of Erie, PA. More than its business reference, the area is also known for its cultural and government reference, especially as it is the city’s center. The CBD is home to some of the biggest institutions in the area, including the UPMC Hamot hospital, Gannon University, and Erie Insurance – one of the largest insurance companies in the area. Downtown Erie also houses several city and county government offices with many non-government establishments to boot. The area does not have a shortage of businesses, from commercial retail offices to other establishments.

According to a Wikipedia report, about 20,000 people work in Downtown Erie and the area was home to more than 2,690 people as of the year 2000.

Downtown Districts

Establishing a business in Downtown Erie is a great idea; however, choosing from among the business districts is an assignment that should be thoroughly done. Choosing the right district can give your business the popularity and relevance that it deserves. There are three main districts in Downtown Erie;

Baytown District

As an employer, this may be a great location for your business, especially if you are looking to partner with other employers now or later in the future. As the hub of employers, Baytown District offers a bit of an employer cluster, thus increasing networking chances. This area is home to many businesses, including the Bayfront Convention Center, Gannon University Erie Insurance, and UPMC Hamot hospital.

The Sheraton Hotel, Erie Maritime Museum, Blasco Library, Erie Art Museum, bars, marinas, and restaurants are also important parts of the area.

Downtown Center City District

The Center City is where most of the high-rise buildings are populated, including the Boston Store, The Renaissance Center – famed as the tallest building in Erie, Erie Insurance Arena, Perry Square, UPMC Park, and more. The city center is home to 14 banks and other establishments like Gannon University and St. Peter’s Cathedral – known as the largest city structure. You can also expect a fair share of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the area.

Midtown District

The Midtown district is located between the former Norfolk Southern tracks, also known as 18th Street and 26th street. The entire downtown area falls under the city’s redevelopment plan. The master plan kicked off years ago and the first phase was almost completed as of the Fall of 2009. The redevelopment of the midtown district fell under the first phase of the Erie Redevelopment Authority’s master plan.

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