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Business Friendly Neighborhoods in Allentown PA

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Allentown is surrounded by Business Friendly Neighbourhoods:

Starting a new business in Allentown or moving to expand into the region offers great advantages. However, knowing where to situate your business is an important consideration before making the final decision. Allentown is open to new businesses of all sizes and offers an array of business locations suitable for different types of businesses. Explore the neighborhoods, districts, and other places located in the city below.

Locating Businesses in Center City

There are different districts within the city center, offering excellent locations for Allentown Digital Marketers and other business types. Notable among the districts within the area include:

7th Street

7th Street spans from the city line to the north through the south of Linden Street. This district is known as the residential and retail corridor of Allentown downtown. The area has a reputation for being the fastest-growing commercial corridor in the city and also serves as its primary gateway. Over the last few years, the area has improved with new waste receptacles, streetlights, and platers.

Businesses in this neighborhood primarily serve families and other businesses. Many of the businesses here are, however, family-owned restaurants. There is also a good number of artists in the area.


Downtown spans from 12th Street to east and west. It also extends to Walnut through the South and North of Linden Street. As the city’s central business hub, several employers find themselves clustered here. Some of the big names in the central business district include The Morning Call, PPL, and many more. Being the CBD, a host of other government offices are located here. Dozens of other small businesses can be found in this area, including shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and bars, and more. Nightlife lovers will find solace in big names like the Allentown Brewworks, The Bay Leaf, Robato of Tokyo, the Sterling, and others located in the area.

Locating Businesses on the East Side

East Allentown spans from Dauphine Street through the east and west of the Lehigh River. Its expanse cuts through E. Hamilton Street or the south to north of Hanover Avenue. This area is a mix of both residential and industrial buildings, offering businesses a chance to leverage a community to grow the right type of business.

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