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Capturing new leads is all about responsive, fast, and easy to navigate websites, with an engaging and conversion based design. The idea is to provide clarity to the user to easily transform them into leads. Since bail bond agencies have been around for a long time, many of their websites might be outdated and aren’t in line with the constant changes of the criteria for a successful website. It then becomes crucial to hire an experienced marketing agency to improve the website design and positively impact the SEO for better rankings.

Whether you have a website that needs updating or no website at all, we can get you up and going with modern website designs that perfectly reflect your brand together with conversion-based intent and structure to generate as many leads. Having worked with many companies, we have gained the expertise needed to completely revamp your website and maximize its potential. Look no further than Local Brand Advisor! We are the agency you need to advertise your bail bonds business properly. Contact us now!


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The Details Matter

When it comes to advertising a business on the web, especially a bail bonds business, the details on the site are of great importance. Fonts, colors, links, and content should be researched to best capture the user clicking on your website. This goes with competitor analysis to see how the top websites are structuring their nav, URL, and pages so we can provide similar website experiences and get you ranking with those top pages. Pairing this with content gap analysis to figure out the missing pieces is more than likely to yield results that exceed your goals!

Make your website stand out from the pack! We can redesign your website and improve it with modern design principles. Our experience in researching the best designs for websites makes us the bridge between your agency and new leads. Getting proper research done can influence the likelihood of being contacted by a user and we can provide you with just that! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking to boost your website's traffic and conversions.

Improved User Experience With Responsive Websites

The technical design aspects of a website are of great importance when it comes to ranking sites on the search results. Users respond to the design of a website, and older and slower sites have higher bounce rates than new and modern websites designed around user experience. Responsive websites are optimized to properly scale and function on mobile and tablet formats capturing new users along the way. This ease of access helps your clients connect with you faster, making conversions easier while maintaining optimal functionality for your site. 

While this is great for the users, it’s also great for SEO, as search engines are prioritizing user experience and search intent in recent updates, so a fast loading site, with relevance and ease of access, focused on clarity of information, will get your bail bonds agency improved rankings. Bail bond agencies need to have responsive websites to serve the immediate needs of their customers.

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We Focus On What’s Important

We know that your bail bonds agency has its own strengths and benefits over other agencies, and we will properly highlight those unique strengths by providing various sections such as a review and award showcase section on your site to assure potential customers that you can provide the help they need. Nobody says no to a lot of 5-star reviews. How we place contact forms and buttons together with CTAs will greatly impact how convertible the traffic on your website will be. Rest assured that we will design your site around what's important for your agency and the traffic you’ll encounter.

Better SEO With High Quality Websites

Getting more calls is certain when your website shows up on top of the organic search results. By figuring out the intent and keywords of the top ranking sites, we can create a strategy and implement keywords in the design of the website, which will increase the relevance of the site and its authority in the search engines' eyes. This will bring your site higher up on the SERPs and will increase the likeliness of new visitors. New visitors mean new potential clients and more calls for your bail bonds business. Boosting the number of daily calls is what our conversion based design principles will do for your bail bond agency.

Grow Your Bail Bonds Agency With Experienced Digital Marketers

At Local Brand Advisor, we are experienced in working with bail bond advertising and SEO. We offer high quality, customizable websites for bail bondsmen because we know that your site is paramount to your business’s online growth. Our sites are developed with your brand’s message and ideals at the forefront, backed by speed optimized hosting and custom SEO strategy that takes your brand to the next level and blows your competitors out of the water.

Reach out to us any time if you have any questions about advertising your bail bond company with us. We are more than happy to help. Our experience makes us a digital marketing agency that knows how to correctly build a highly efficient website and properly reflect your brand's identity. Call us now and increase your business’s leads.

Appear in Google Map Searches
If you want to control what users see when searching Google Maps in your area, you need a Google My Business Listing. By consistently updating and optimizing your GMB listing info, you can appear in additional local searches and attract local customers.
Build Trust with Potential Consumers
Your GMB listing features your ratings and reviews. Showcasing your positive reputation will build trust with local searchers and increase traffic to your business.
Rank in the Google 3 Pack
If you’ve seen the Google search results that include the top three local businesses, that’s the Google 3 Pack. Appearing in this pack allows you to increase visibility and attract more customers.
Increase Leads, Sales & Traffic
When your info appears more often, additional searchers will find out about your company’s services or products. The more consumers that are aware of your business, the more potential leads, sales, and traffic are available.
Capitalize on Free Advertising
Not every business has a huge marketing budget for local paid ads, so taking advantage of free promotional opportunities like GMB can significantly impact your business.
Build Engagement
By showing your business’s info in more places, you naturally increase engagement. There are more chances for potential customers to interact with your business, both online and offline.
Higher Rankings
By having a GMB listing, you are providing additional information to Google. This provides search engines with additional context and information to rank you on.

What GMB SEO Services Entail

Our Google My Business optimization services include multiple features to take your GMB listing to the next level. Our team will strategize the best SEO plan for your business’s specific niche, allowing you to focus on running your business. Below are features included in our GMB services.

Timely Updates & Accurate Info

We ensure timely updates of your listing page, as well as accurate information for potential customers. It is important to provide users with updated, accurate info so they have the best experience possible. If operating hours or contact information is incorrect, this can lead to lost leads or sales.

Optimized Google My Business

From basic business information to service categories and descriptions, we ensure your business is providing the best-possible information to the public. This strategy capitalizes on local searches to bring in additional revenue for your business.

GMB Listing Relevancy

We will take control of your GMB page to update the latest business information that reflects the current situation. We will also carefully navigate through the several categories and options including the contact information, opening hours, business category and all other relevant sections to ensure that your page gives customers updated information about your products and services.

GMB Post Scheduling

Google Posts are useful for updating customers and engaging them. Our creative team can create tailored posts to announce your latest and forthcoming events, promotions, and more. We keep your customers updated with the latest information including opening hours on holidays and more.

Local Reviews

Consumers are more likely to trust your brand when they have read positive reviews from past consumers who have patronized you. We help you in better managing your reviews, getting you more 4 and 5 star reviews, and ensuring that your business stands out. There is solid evidence that better reviews result in more clicks and calls.

GMB Services

The services tab allows you to introduce to your customers the products and services which you offer. We have a team that can ensure that your business, however unique it fits into a category of its own, whether pre-listed or custom. We also work with keywords related to your business, its products and/or services to ensure that you are found by the right audience.


Our team has extensive experience with Google My Business listings and providing services tailored to local small businesses. Local Brand Advisor’s team has personally managed over 3,000 GMB listings, so you can be sure our team will get you the best results possible.

We exceed your business goals by analyzing all aspects of your business to better understand your unique offerings, then apply this to your GMB listing. This all-encompassing strategy allows us to find strengths and weaknesses to build upon with our campaigns. We then utilize consistent posting, content creation, optimization strategies, and data-driven solutions to ensure the largest return on investment.

By investing in GMB SEO, you are increasing your local relevance and visibility within your targeted areas. So, invest in your business and start building out your digital presence with our specialized services!

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