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Allentown boasts a population of about 121,442 people, making it the third-largest city in Pennsylvania. Being the Lehigh County seat, the area has several progressive institutions and provides a great business environment for new and existing businesses. Allentown’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia (about 62 miles away), New York (about 91 miles away), and Washington D.C. (about 188 miles away) makes it one of the perfect cities in PA to invest or start a business in.

In addition to the city’s proximity to bigger cities, it also has a diverse landscape with the highest parkland per capita compared to other cities in the United States. Starting a business here is easy, especially as Allentown has different business districts, with each one having its unique identity, selling proposition, and flair.

Business Districts in Allentown

There are many different and unique business districts in Allentown. As an Allentown Digital Marketing or anytoher business owner, the array of options allows you to choose which one works best for you and your business. The Seventh Street Business District is regarded as the community’s gateway, with small businesses thriving. You can expect an abundance of small businesses like local pharmacies, retail establishments, restaurants, and more in this business district. This may be a great business district if you are looking to start a business that connects locally and enjoys patronage from neighborhoods around.

The West End District is also known as the theater district due to the type of businesses located in this area; a vast majority of them are entertainment-focused, including the civic theater, restaurants, a black box theater, local retailers, and more.

The Hamilton Street Business District is, however, regarded as Downtown Allentown. As the primary business district in Allentown, it is home to all of the major new constructions and developments. You can always expect new construction activity in this area, especially as many new businesses are moving into it.

Allentown leverages its rich history of commerce and is fast redeveloping to accommodate new businesses as they spring up.

Starting a Business in Allentown

Starting a business in Allentown does not have to be exceptionally hard, especially when you have Allentown Business Data and Statistics since the city has its arms open to new investors and businesses. One of the greatest news you’ll find about Allentown is the provision of a professional business ambassador to walk you through setting up your business.

If you need any further help, you can always leverage resources and partner organizations like;
Lehigh University Small Business Development Center
Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown
The U.S. Small Business Administration

How Early Stage Businesses Thrive in Allentown

Statistics reveal that about 66% of small businesses are likely to fail within the first five years. However, 87% of successful small businesses that make it past the five-year mark are more likely to have undergone an incubation program. Allentown is interested in the success stories of businesses and business owners, and so it offers a nurturing environment that business owners can tap into.

As a competitively positioned city with hands in manufacturing, technology, and industrial solutions, Allentown is home to multiple incubators that can help businesses gain a firm grasp and survive in the competitive business climate. Some of the incubators in the city include;

Opening Your Business in Allentown

Before opening your business, you need the appropriate permits and licenses. The business license process begins at the Zoning office, where you can complete the Zoning Permit Application. This permit grants you the right to operate within the City of Allentown Zoning Ordinance businesses.

After obtaining your approval, proceed to contact the Building Standard and Safety Office to inquire about code requirements for your business building. You will also be guided through the regulations surrounding new developments as well as the permits that may be needed. Once all permits have been acquired, a final inspection is required before a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued.

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