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Calculate Your ROI With Our PPC Calculator

At Local Brand Advisor, we strive for honesty when it comes to our clients, our work during their campaigns, and the benefits of working with us. We specialize in helping various companies grow their online presence through digital marketing campaigns that include search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) ads.

PPC campaigns are a great addition to any marketing strategy. However, the price of clicks varies depending on the industry and targets keywords, which may be an issue for some and very profitable for others.

Figuring out exactly how much you will have to pay and whether the campaign will result in profit for your company is essential in determining the cost-effectiveness of your online ad spend.

Hence we provide you with this easy-to-use PPC Calculator that will give you insights into the expected; 

Including our one-time setup fee and monthly management fee.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC (pay-per-click) is an online advertising model which consists of running ads on platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, paying a certain fee whenever someone clicks on your ad. For an example of such ads, you can run almost any search on Google and at the top of the results page you’ll see some ads displayed.

PPC is used by businesses to drive traffic to their sites, increase sales, or drive inquiries from their target audiences. PPC platforms offer advertisers a wide variety of targeting options, meaning you can get very granular with the people you want to target with your ads.

Search engines are the primary way that people search for suppliers of products and services and PPC can help you get your business in front of people with a very precise level of targeting that just isn’t achievable with traditional advertising, thus ensuring a much greater return on your investment.

Benefits of Our PPC Calculator

For the best results, simply input the variables such as your monthly budget, average conversion rate, close rate, customer value, and the estimated CPC; our calculator will provide insights into how well your campaign could do with PPC ads. You can also easily adjust any parameters to find the perfect fit for your budget.

Our PPC campaigns have proven to be effective at increasing the monthly ROI of our customers and bringing in new leads. We also set up everything for you, including the landing pages that direct users from the PPC ad to your website, for higher chances of increasing the conversion rate and generating as many sales as possible.

If you are trying to get more customers for your business through PPC advertising, contact us now or simply schedule a PPC Review Meeting.

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