Local Search Ads and Media Buying for Franchises

To successfully connect with your customers, we help you invest in local paid ads. Location-based ads regularly influence consumers to visit stores and make purchases by providing the necessary information to take action. However, in addition to investing in paid ads, we also help you understand how to purchase, manage, and strategize these ads for your franchise or chain with multiple locations while ensuring the greatest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Benefits of Local Search Ads

As search continues to evolve, so do local search ads and media buying for local businesses. This ever-changing marketplace is a moving target, so our franchise marketing company employees experts in local search ads to navigate the variations between media platforms and strategies to produce the most conversions for your business.

Consumers want localized ads. According to Think with Google, “4 out of 5 consumers want search ads to be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings.” These localized ads help buyers make quicker buying decisions, closer to home. There are many benefits of paid ads for local businesses.

Target Specific Audiences & Locations

When utilizing local search campaigns, you have access to a wide variety of parameters for targeting. You can target searchers by zip code, city, type of device, and many other factors.

By speaking directly to your target audience, will increase clicks and conversions because ads are more relevant. Serving more focused ads also effectively spends your marketing dollars. It may seem obvious, but you must ensure you aren’t showing ads in Texas when your business is in Pennsylvania.

Influence Buying Behavior

In addition to consumers’ desire for area-specific information, paid ads for local businesses influence buying behavior. 32% of consumers visit stores because of location-based ads, while 19% make unplanned visits and purchases due to local ads. This means you can capitalize on foot traffic nearby and directly influence customers’ purchase patterns with your messaging and local ad management.
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Build Trust with Positive Reviews

If you have high-quality reviews, you can showcase these in your local service ads. Featuring these in paid ads earns the trust of potential consumers and builds credibility for your business.

Consider hiring experts in local ad management to ensure you make the most of your marketing budget and customer data on each platform. There are several moving parts and factors to consider, so understanding the nuisances in local ad strategies is vital to success.

Capitalize on Customer Data
You can also leverage business and customer data to target both online and offline customers with your digital ads. By utilizing your Google Analytics audience reporting data in paid ad campaigns, you can identify what consumers want, then serve them ads with matching messaging.

Applying the data you already have to better understand your customers and better optimize your advertising can provide significant increases to your bottom line.
Reduce Competition, Increase Local Relevance

By narrowing your ads to specific, targeted areas, you are reducing competition and increasing your local relevance. This reduction in competition makes it easier to appear in local search ads on Google maps and other platforms. By appearing more often, you will also increase your small business’s local relevance. Now that you are no longer competing with businesses outside of your geographic area, your overall ad spend will often become cheaper too. This strategy complements the Franchise Google Maps SEO and local search tactics that are deployed as part of your Franchise Marketing System. 

Experts in Local Ad Management

Local Brand Advisor has extensive experience in local paid ads that are invaluable to your business’s success. We strategize, buy, and manage paid ads for local businesses on a variety of platforms, including:

We understand the most effective strategies in media buying for local businesses. Take advantage of our local search ad services to get more out of your local search advertising by leveraging effective split-testing and retargeting technology.

Locations Extensions

With over half of consumers utilizing location extensions, you should include them as often as possible. Our team can strategize which are best to use in different ad campaigns to target specific groups or areas.

Location Bid Adjustments

There are different bidding strategies based on audience, location, industry, and other factors. Our team fine-tunes your local ad bids to provide the largest return on investment.

Higher Clicks and Conversion

With more elements and parameters set for your campaign, it makes for better targeting and you will know exactly where your money is going. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. You can also target individual bids based on device, whether mobile phones, desktop, or tablet.

Locally Targeted Messaging

Because you can target down to the zip code, understanding messaging strategies with local search ads is key. We learn your target audiences and areas to develop the best ad groups for each.


We specialize in media buying and local search ads for small businesses, franchises, multi-location businesses, and regional brands. However, we have extensive experience with local ad targeting in general, so reach out to see if we can help with your local ad management.

Google is constantly adjusting and adding features and settings for local paid ads. These regular changes make it important to have local paid ad experts guiding you through the process. Local Brand Advisor has developed valuable expertise and stays up-to-date with new ad products and updated features.

For example, local business listings have been redesigned to feature local ad updates. Google Maps has also integrated with local search ads to show ads in their map directions. “Map users may start to see pins for nearby coffee shops, gas stations, lunch spots, along with their driving route,” according to Google Senior VP Sridhar Ramaswamy. With local searches on mobile devices growing 50% faster than overall mobile searches, being aware of changes like these can greatly affect your business.

Keeping up with the constant changes in ad products and strategies can make media buying for local businesses difficult, especially when you’re focused on running a business. Enlist our local search ad experts to manage your campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

If you’re not taking advantage of local search ad products to increase foot traffic and relevance in your area, consider hiring local ad management. Local Brand Advisor’s local search services will take your business to the next level and get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

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