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On May 24th, 2016, Google announced at the Google Performance Summit that they will be introducing the “next generation of local search ads”. This marked the beginning of a new era in the use of Adwords.

Adwords have been one of the most successful marketing channels and they just got better. As search evolves so do local ads. For businesses that want to be on the winning end with respect to connecting with their customers, all indicators point toward the need for enterprises to dig deep and get involved with Google’s new local search ads.

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Almost a third of mobile searches have a local intent which means that for brands to remain competitive they will need to rethink how to connect better with their consumers. At this time, being on top of your Local SERP has never been more important. In fact, knowing your customers can yield significant dividends for your business. Between buyer persona and Google Analytics audience reporting, you can now identify what your buyers want or need.

With the right guidance from Google, you can now put your historical customer data to good use since it helps target online and offline customers with the new local search ads.

You will have the ability to target customers with “promoted pins” or “promoted locations” whether you are looking for searchers who are browsing online at home or Google map users that are running, biking, or driving nearby. Getting into the habit of updating your local listing is the trick to making the most out of your new local search ads because you will be taking advantage of these movements early.

Google has redesigned their local business pages to highlight the new changes to local search Ads.

These empower your business to;

  • Promote discounts and offers

  • Brand logos and offers which will appear directly on the surface of the Google Maps as opposed to just alongside the map

  • Include local product inventory. If you are using Google shopping, be sure to stay up-to-date on your structured data

    Google senior VP Ms. Sridhar Ramaswamy expressed that “map users may start to see pins for nearby coffee shops, gas stations, lunch spots, along with their driving route.” She also added that local business pages are also getting a brand new look to encourage consumers to explore your store even before they arrive. The new features being added include the ability to browse product inventory and special offers.”

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    The Reason behind Google’s Introduction
    of New Local Search Ads

    It is to primarily increase more off-line foot traffic and conversion.

    Google is doing a great job of measuring in-store conversion by looking at a phone location history to track if a person who searched and clicked, in fact, visited the store’s local ad. So one of the purposes of this new local search ad is to drive more off-line foot traffic and conversion

    To prove their conversion even further, a Nissan UK case study presented by Jerry Dischler, Google VP of product management at the Google Performance Summit revealed that, Nissan UK found through store visits, that 6% of mobile ad clicks result in a trip to a dealership, delivering an estimated 25x return on investment.

    In hindsight, Google stated that US retailers when measuring in-store visits experienced 10x more conversions on average from mobile search ads.

    Fast forward to a year later and local searches on mobile devices are growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall.

    Forging ahead, Google has looked to invest more on “branded customized experiences” for local businesses to increase store visits

    If you have been following closely on the SEO news you will notice the announcement of the new local search ads comes at a time when marketers meet prominence, Google’s new local ranking factor. This also coincides with Google’s removal of the sidebar ad and Google’s launch of the new mobile-friendly ways to shop. See the pattern?

    Set of Flat Design Concepts for Mobile GPS navi

    So what does this mean for businesses on Google

    • There will be more businesses competing in Maps and auctions now that Maps are part of Google search inventory

    • There will be more weight on location extensions which is in line with Google’s move towards more structured data.

    If you are a business that is not still first to the punch or slacking on your Google My Business, now would be a good time to hop on the bandwagon and these are the reasons why;


    Renewed relevance

    Let’s hit the nail on the head: for a small business with a small budget, the chances of everyone seeing your ad are slim to none. But, reduce the world to one city and now the small budget seems bigger. If you have a business in Manhattan, you don’t need people in Oklahoma clicking on your ad.


    Chopped competition

    Now that your geographic location has been trimmed down to size, your competition is less and your chances of appearing on Google maps is greater.


    Higher Clicks and conversion

    With more elements and parameters set for your campaign, it makes for better targeting and you will know exactly where your money is going. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. What’s more you can now target individual bids based on device, whether mobile phones, desktop, or tablet. does trillions of searches and now, 50% of those searches happen to be on smart-phones. You could be popping up on a search as we speak. It is about time to get on the bandwagon of the future.

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